5 Design Tips for your Home Improvement Business

5 Design Tips for your Home Improvement Business Every home improvement business owner could benefit from the occasional “grab-bag” of handy design tips and best practices, so that’s what we put together! In today’s post, the Kitchen Solvers team has assembled 5 compelling design tips and ideas to help your home improvement business thrive in 2016.

  1. Planning is everything. Remodeling a bathroom can be as big or a small an undertaking as you want it to be. But as any home improvement business owner can tell you, no client is going to be happy with a never-ending project that shuts down one of the most functional rooms in the house and bleeds their bank accounts dry. With this in mind, planning is key! Sit down with your clients and have them define what they want out of the experience in agonizing detail. Are they simply looking to “spruce things up” with a few fixture replacements, or do they want a major redesign that involves redoing the bathroom layout? Figure this out well in advance with your client, or you’ll find your online reviews and referral rates both take a hit!
  2. Nail down the aesthetic. When consulting with your clients, try to think in bigger terms than single fixtures and features. Mixing and matching fixtures from the ultra modern, retro, and contemporary style guides is a huge faux-pas. It looks terrible and generally costs more than it would to work through one provider for a cohesive look. Try to get your client thinking in terms of eras, styles, and aesthetics, rather than letting them flip through the design books and pick out random favorites.
  3. Know your limitations (and remind them of theirs!). Like any other endeavor in your home improvement business, bathroom remodeling projects will have limitations. Pre-existing floor plans, cramped square-footage, and electrical wiring weirdness can all affect your design plan, but they shouldn’t affect your client’s satisfaction level unless you failed to highlight these problems from day one. It’s great to encourage your clients to be creative with their design dreams, but make sure you ground them in reality with a thorough inspection of the space and floor plan before hand to avoid disappointment!
  4. Practice due diligence with your fixture manufacturers. There’s nothing worse for your home improvement business than using faulty or unreliable fixtures. You could provide the best installation and redesign service ever, but it doesn’t matter one bit if your fixtures aren’t reliable. Be diligent with your research. Search online reviews, talk to former clients and fellow Kitchen Solvers franchisees to learn their experience with particular brands or manufacturers, and carefully read all warranties. For best results, involve your clients in this process; they’ll appreciate the transparency and the open communication you’ve made an effort to provide.
  5. Endorse cabinet refacing whenever possible. Cabinet refacing has not only been the cornerstone of our home improvement business’ success, but it’s been the go-to option for homeowners looking to maximize the cost-effectiveness of their remodeling projects. Cabinet refacing takes much less time than traditional cabinet replacing, which means a quicker turnover and higher profit for your home improvement business. Since refacing is also faster, less invasive, and a fraction of the price, this option also gets our franchisees a lot of referrals and positive ratings on popular business review sites. It’s win-win!

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