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2 Ways to Save Thousands on Your Bath or Kitchen Remodel

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The Kitchen Solvers team has been in action since 1982, and with over 40,000 bath and kitchen remodeling projects under their belt, it has become clear that many homeowners need help with their budgeting. Sometimes it isn’t their fault, as unprofessional workers and con-artists drag day-long projects into weeks to inflate their invoices, while other […]

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2 Kitchen Solvers Services Clients Often Overlook

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While it isn’t much to complain about, one of the challenges that the Kitchen Solvers team has faced as part of a full-service bath and kitchen franchise has been informing the public about all we have to offer. Throughout the course of a busy day filled with new information, the human brain simplifies, labels, and […]

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How the Housing Market Can Add Value to Your Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

housing kitchen remodeling franchise

For those on the inside of the Kitchen Solvers home refinishing franchise, business has been booming lately! In fact, it has been booming for a long time – over forty years to be exact! While other industry players come and go, Kitchen Solvers just keeps on growing. Other companies might looked at our franchise team […]

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Exploring the True Value of Kitchen Solvers Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

true value of kitchen solvers franchise

The true value of Kitchen Solvers home improvement franchise is in their proven reputation. This should be obvious – it is evidenced by a forty-plus year legacy spent leaving home owners wowed by their kitchen and bathroom remodeling results, at a very affordable price. But why are one company’s reputation and proven results so highly-valued […]

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Why Hiring a Cabinet Refacing Business for your Remodel Makes Sense

hire kitchen cabinet refacing

We are currently entering what many pop culture commentators would call a post-reality TV era, but it seems like nobody told this to the flood of reality TV shows still cluttering up the airwaves. Among them, home remodeling reality TV shows might be the most damaging kinds out there. In a classic case of monkey-see, […]

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