What are the qualifications to become a Kitchen Solvers franchise location?

Financially, we require $30,000 liquid capital and $150,000 net worth.

What are your royalty fees?

We have a sliding scale for our royalty fee, meaning the more monthly revenue, the less in the percentage you pay in royalty fees. The scale starts at 6% and slides down to 2.5%.

What is the territory size?

Each territory is carefully carved out to include 80,000 owner-occupied homes. When we build the territory, we look at how much opportunity there is thereby doing a competitive analysis and reviewing demographic information. We review the ages of the homes, home value, average household income, and other important data points to make sure the market will continue to grow. Territories are built exclusively.

How do I know if a territory is open?

Contact Us and we will check for you!

How much does it cost to open a typical Kitchen Solvers location?

To review the investment requirements, visit our investment page.

Do all Kitchen Solvers locations have to have a showroom?

No! In fact, most of our Kitchen Solvers locations start out with no showroom, out of their home, or in a small office space. We have business models for locations with no showroom, a small design center, or small or large showrooms.

Do you offer financing to open a franchise?

Kitchen Solvers franchise is on the SBA-approved directory and we have vendor partnerships for additional financing options. We also offer discounts to our veterans.

How much money can I make?

Learn more about the Kitchen Solvers opportunity and profitability by reviewing this information.

Where can I follow you/find more information?

Kitchen Solvers Franchise can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also request more information by downloading our Free Franchise Report.

How many employees do Kitchen Solvers locations have?

There are typically 1-3 employees to start with and as many as 10 employees once more established. The amount of employees depends on revenue goals and employee capacities. It is common to have a combination of hourly and salaried employees as well as contracted workers. We do have hiring resources to assist in the hiring process as well.

What are the hours of operation at a typical location?

Most of our Kitchen Solvers locations work Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am – 5pm. However, these hours are flexible and will depend on what you and your team are comfortable working. Most of our franchise partners say they work minimal nights and weekends.

I’m ready to build my legacy with Kitchen Solvers, how do I get started?

We can’t wait to meet you! Contact Us Today!

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  • 36%

    Average Materials Expenses

  • 24%

    Average Installation Expenses

  • 40%

    Average Gross Profit Margins

  • 21

    Average Number of Jobs

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