4 Traits Linked to Home Improvement Business Owner Success

  4-traits-linked-to-home-improvement-business-owner-success Are you considering starting your very own home improvement business, but aren’t quite sure that you’ve got what it takes? Every single Kitchen Solvers franchise owner has asked themselves this question at some point in the lead-up to their purchase decision. In today’s post, we break it down for you, outlining the ideal candidate so you can see how your skills, personality, and interests stack up. Read on to learn the top-4 traits linked to home improvement business owner success.

  • An entrepreneurial attitude. In The Entrepreneurial Evolution, author LiorIzik describes the mindset of a successful small business owner as being one of persistence, innovation, and self-analysis. Successful entrepreneurs are confident in their approach and abilities, yet always open to learning new things. Whether you come from a background in sales, construction, design, or marketing, it’s important that you work hard and approach your home improvement franchise ownership with confidence, while still being willing to embrace our proven training systems.
  • Vision for the future. We believe so strongly in the power of goal-setting and clear vision that we incorporate it into our business system. As part of our start-up process, each franchisee will map out their personal and business goals, then collaborate with our team to create 1, 5, and 10-year plans to see them through. We call this the Franchise Vision Plan (FVP), and it has helped hundreds of our franchisees redefine what they thought was possible with our home improvement business.
  • Collaborative interest. A successful home improvement business owner needs to know how to collaborate with their peers. This refers both to the construction crew who share your workspace, and the franchisees who share your national brand name. When you buy into our home improvement business, you are really joining a franchise family whose members are all working together to build the same brand. Collaborating helps you edge out the competition; our home improvement business owners have access to an entire network of experienced individuals who have found success using the same marketing systems and business processes, and this kind of informed, ground-level support has proven invaluable for our franchisees. As you mature into your position as a home improvement business owner, new entrants to the franchise family will turn to you, and you’ll be expected to embrace this collaborative effort. And don’t worry about giving more than you receive; our territory selection is designed to eliminate competition with fellow franchisees, so everything you do for the KSF brand ultimately builds your bottom line!
  • Success as a home improvement business owner has a lot to do with your interest in learning new things. Regardless of your background and experience, you’ll be required to complete our Kitchen Solvers training program. This program is informed by decades of experience in the home improvement industry, and contains all of the marketing, sales, interior design, and construction skills you need to succeed, so long as your curiosity is enough to keep you engaged! Curiosity is also key in regards to keeping abridged of new materials, design concepts, and style trends; our clients rely on us to be up-to-date with the hottest new renovation fads, and a keen interest in home improvement developments will be an incredible asset.

Want to learn more about what it takes to be a successful Kitchen Solvers franchisee? Visit https://kitchensolversfranchise.com/research-kitchen-solvers/who-makes-a-good-kitchen-solvers-franchisee/ for video interviews with members of our franchise family telling you just that!


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