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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – an Attractive Way to Remodel a Kitchen

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Think about your kitchen: the parts of your kitchen cabinets you come into contact with and that show all the wear and tear are the counters, cabinet door fronts and drawers.

When most people begin to think about renovating or upgrading a kitchen, they venture into a big-box home store and look at new cabinets. Most of the time, a kitchen renovation involves ripping out existing cabinets and replacing them with new boxes, drawers, and fronts.

The truth is, the structure and frame of a cabinet, especially if it is well made, doesn’t wear out as quickly as the fronts. If you like the layout and functionality of your kitchen, replacing your entire cabinets can be an expensive mistake!

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Cabinet refacing, a service Kitchen Solvers pioneered, involves stripping your existing cabinets down to the frame, removing the drawers, door fronts and hinges until all you have left are your kitchen cabinet frames and boxes.

Carpenters nail and glue new, high-quality furniture-grade plywood to your frames and install new cabinet doors, hinges and drawers to your existing frames. Cabinet refacing can completely transform the look of a kitchen, giving the owner a room to be proud of.

The result is not only a sparkling, brand-new kitchen with cabinets that look 100% new, but it is also often far less costly than purchasing new cabinets.

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Sometimes a kitchen needs more than a facelift — it needs an overhaul. We also do full kitchen remodels, removing old cabinets, rearranging the layout of the kitchen and installing new cabinets.

Even during a full remodel, Kitchen Solvers can provide customers a lot more value. We use our nationwide purchasing power to deliver prices that are often lower than what you could get at a big box store while delivering far superior quality.

Customers are often surprised at how stress-free our consultations are and how much kitchen they can get for each dollar they spend. In most markets, Kitchen Solvers is not only a price-competitive option, but we also offer far more remodeling options than any other source.

Kitchen Solvers’ national buying power also allows cabinet refacing franchise owners to deliver these excellent prices and superior quality while maintaining a solid profit margin, giving franchisees better buying prices on materials than big-box stores and other kitchen remodelers.

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