September, 2012 | Kitchen Solvers Franchise

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Kitchen Solvers Customer Review: Tom and Pat Falbo of Spring Grove, MN

Couple saved thousands, came back for more remodeling help Pat and Tom Falbo of Spring Grove, Minn., wanted to update their kitchen, but they were shocked when they visited a big box store to explore their options and realized that the job was going to cost much, much more than they expected. “The cabinets alone […]

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Thrifty Doesn’t Mean Cheap: How a Home-Based Woodworking Business Can Maintain Quality and Profit Margins

Training and buying cooperative give Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business owners a big advantage over other home-based woodworking businesses   Thrifty doesn’t mean cheap. Thrifty means you deliver excellent value without wasting money or supplies. Cheap often just means ugly. Thrifty means buying a well-made tool that will last decades. Cheap means buying an inexpensive […]

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Kitchen Solvers Franchise Review: Gary Schmidt of Marion, Iowa

Kitchen Solvers

Gary Schmidt’s desire for a woodworking business led him to Kitchen Solvers Gary Schmidt’s love of woodworking led him to look for a business that would allow him to indulge his passion. The Marion, Iowa man found it with Kitchen Solvers. He has been a franchise owner since 1997, when he purchased the Cedar Rapids […]

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Business Tip: Pay Attention to the Inside, Too

Kitchen cabinet refacing businesses can make old cabinets look shiny and new   When it’s done right, kitchen cabinet refacing is more than cosmetic. Businesses like Kitchen Solvers can do a lot more than make a homeowner’s kitchen pretty — we can also make it more functional by working on the insides of cabinets. “Kitchens […]

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