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How to Start a Home Improvement Franchise: 4 Key Operational Tips

How to Start a Home Improvement Franchise- 4 Key Operational Tips

Today’s post shares 4 fundamental operational tips to help home improvement franchise start-ups build their business and increase customer satisfaction. Establish clear role assignments and channels of communication. Since renovation success often hinges on the coordination between different subcontractors and employees, the most efficient home improvement franchises have adopted a pseudo-military structure where roles are […]

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6 Space-Saving Tips for Better Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage Tips

Saving space in the kitchen is never a bad thing. Beyond giving you more room to cook, work, and entertain, trying new storage solutions gives you a chance to refresh the space without the hassle of a full remodel. With that in mind, Kitchen Solver’s home improvement franchise has put together 6 space-saving tips – […]

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3 Keys to Kitchen Remodeling Franchise Success in 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

In the business world, success is never guaranteed, but those who omit the following key kitchen remodeling franchise business strategies are sure to fail! Read on to learn 3 keys to home remodeling business success in 2017.  1- Build a rock-solid marketing plan – and stick to it!  You might be the single greatest crafts […]

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