Owning and growing a kitchen remodeling franchise can be a very rewarding business opportunity, both emotionally and financially. Our franchise locations vary from having one to many employees. We work with each individual franchise to discuss what your personal and financial goals are for the business and then build your business plan to help you get there. Although outcomes vastly vary dependent on the owner, we do have some averages from our Item 19 to give you an idea of the profit margins you can expect as a franchise owner.

This is a breakdown for an average project:

Cost of Goods Sold, Labor, and Gross Profit Margin are shown on an average basis.

Average ticket and average gross sales are shown for the franchisees who are within the top third. Full detailed Item 19 information can be viewed in our FDD.

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Kitchen Solvers Franchise Ownership

  • $36,459

    Average Ticket of Top Third

  • 36%

    Cost of Goods Sold

  • 20%


  • 40%

    Gross Profit Margins

  • $1,728,858

    Average Sales of Top Third

  • Franchise Business Review 4-star Rated Franchise
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