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Starting a Remodeling Business: Tips, Money-Saving Techniques, and Pitfalls

Starting a Remodeling Business

Today’s post spotlights some major mistakes, missed opportunities, and money-saving techniques that will come in handy for those interested in starting a remodeling business. Don’t ignore the value of marketing early on. While it’s true that your first priority should be on developing a sellable product or service – in this case, the vendor connections […]

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Starting a Kitchen and Bathroom Business: Beginner’s Questions Broken Down

Starting a Kitchen and Bathroom Business

We are flooded with beginner questions about starting a kitchen and bathroom business, so it made sense to compile a FAQ. Today’s post shares important information and valuable resources to help answer any questions you may have about starting a kitchen and bathroom business with our franchise family. Let’s begin! Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Business […]

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3 Reasons Your Kitchen Remodeling Business is Underperforming

Kitchen Remodeling Business

Is your kitchen remodeling business performing to its full potential? Market conditions are good. There are more than 80 million owner-occupied housing units in the United States, and they’re growing older every year. That’s a massive pool of potential customers. In fact, since the kitchen remodeling business is resilient in almost any climate, market conditions […]

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