April, 2016 | Kitchen Solvers Franchise

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How to Change a 60’s Kitchen into a Modern Haven

So you’ve decided to tackle your kitchen that hasn’t been touched for several decades. Are you looking for some guidance so you can move it from the 60s into a modern haven? It may be easier than you think, let’s take a quick look at some ideas to help you on your way. Walls Take […]

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Top Kitchen Renovations

Kitchens should never be more extravagant than the rest of the house. In simple terms: don’t go overboard when renovating. Kitchens need to match the style of the rest of the house, while being unique and functional. Do your research, take a good look at your home and see what your kitchen really needs. Bring […]

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Five Renovations to Improve a Home’s Value

Have you ever wondered how much your house worth? Many projects add value to your home, but some don’t. Here are five guaranteed improvements you can have done in a home that will increase its value. Even if you aren’t selling, these top five renovations that will increase value, as well as catch a new […]

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