Budget-Friendly Remodeling Tips from a Home Improvement Business


The Kitchen Solvers home improvement business is built around a promise to deliver a Pleasant Remodeling Experience every single time, and that means catering our services to suit our individual clients. For some, this means taking a back seat during the design phase and letting the client’s creative vision take charge. For others, this means transforming a kitchen space without blowing a strict budget, and that’s what today’s post is all about.

You don’t have to break the bank to bring your kitchen dreams to life! Read on to learn four budget-friendly remodeling tips from our home improvement business. 

Lean On The Transformative Power Of Flooring

Your kitchen’s flooring is usually the largest surface in the kitchen. Because of this, any change you make to your kitchen’s floors will have a dramatic effect on its overall look. If your floors are currently scratched, marked up, or otherwise past their prime, emphasizing this area in your remodeling plan will pay dividends.

Sometimes, transforming your flooring will be as simple as replacing old vinyl tiles, or re-staining and sealing old wood. But your vision might involve updating your flooring will a full-on replacement. If that’s the case, Kitchen Solver’s can help make it happen, whatever your budget.

Our home improvement business gets you access to exclusive catalogues featuring a wide range of flooring materials, styles, and patterns to choose from. We have options for small, medium, and large budgets, and financing is available should your dream floors fall outside your current spending limit.

Add A Backsplash Or Feature Wall For An Affordable Flourish

If overhauling your flooring isn’t feasible for this year’s remodeling project, adding a backsplash or mosaic wall can have a similar effect. These features draw the eye with a splash or color or whimsical design, and are fast, easy, and affordable additions to your remodeling plan. If your budget is running out but your kitchen design still lacks a perfect final touch or tie-in, ask your Kitchen Solvers’ representative what backsplash would work for you.

Use Smart Decor To Give Your Kitchen Personality

Without the right decor, even an expensive remodel can fall flat. Whether you want to make the biggest impression on your guests, or make your home more appealing to potential buyers, choosing the right decor is key, which is why Kitchen Solvers’ design support extends beyond building material selection. Our team of interior design experts prides themselves on staying apprised of modern trends and timeless classics, and will help you add character and depth to your kitchen, without adding clutter or dollars to your budget.

Give Your Cabinets Character For Cheap

Like flooring, cabinetry typically takes up a large amount of kitchen space, making any changes there much more impactful than small-item alterations. And while this isn’t news for most people, many homeowners are surprised to learn how budget-friendly cabinet overhauls can be. So long as the underlying cabinet frame and structure is in fair shape, even the ugliest cabinets can be transformed on a budget, with Kitchen Solvers’ cabinet refacing. This staple service involves replacing the exterior handles, drawers, and doors while leaving the frame intact, and can be completed for a fraction of the time, cost, and inconvenience required for a full-on cabinet replacement. The end result is practically indistinguishable from a traditional replacement, and will add incredible value to your home.

Ready to bring your kitchen dream to life, without coming in over budget? Please visit our website to get in touch with one of our representatives or explore financing options!


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