Exploring the True Value of Kitchen Solvers Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

true value of kitchen solvers franchise

The true value of Kitchen Solvers home improvement franchise is in their proven reputation. This should be obvious – it is evidenced by a forty-plus year legacy spent leaving home owners wowed by their kitchen and bathroom remodeling results, at a very affordable price.

But why are one company’s reputation and proven results so highly-valued in such a well-populated industry? Surely there are other options out there?

The shrinking accountability of the Internet Era

Frankly, as we move deeper into the Internet age of information accessibility, it seems as though we are moving deeper into territory where companies have less accountability. It cannot be argued that the Internet has revolutionized the buying habits of consumers around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a big-ticket purchase like a property or an automobile, or menial everyday items like groceries; you can buy anything online! You can even find and hire a home improvement franchise online. Online shopping is great for convenience, but when hiring a home improvement franchise, the risks can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

There are really no standards or certifications that must be met when posting a classified ad for your home improvement franchise (or fly-by-night racket!). A few easy clicks and you could stop reading this article to post one of your own right now. Imagine the frustration of those who would waste their time and energy inquiring about your bogus ad. This happens in the real world, and isn’t even the worst of it!

When you hire a home improvement franchise to come and help you with a project, you are essentially inviting strangers into your home. When you are dealing with a company with a credible reputation and 40 years of customer satisfaction like Kitchen Solvers, this is more of an opportunity to make friends and have fun than it is a stressful event. But when you are trusting a sparse online listing, you are welcoming some serious risk into your life. The proliferation of online review sites and 5-star rating systems can seem reassuring, but these are easily manipulated. Choosing a company whose high-quality ratings pre-dated the invention of the Internet is one way around this risk-taking, and this is really the value of the Kitchen Solvers franchise.

More shady Internet shenanigans to avoid with Kitchen Solvers

Many home improvement franchise portals will look like they are locally-based. However, many of these companies are operating from central headquarters far from your area, and make their money by spamming you with ads so that they can broker jobs out to local contractors. These “dispatch” websites will often have no idea who they are sending to your home, with little contact outside of basic correspondence to point them towards your doorstep. These dispatch companies don’t really care who shows up or what kind of mess their recommendation gets you into, so long as they can pocket the referral fee at the end of the day.

There really is no accountability in this situation. Operating remotely and able to simply ignore your follow-up calls and complaints, these dispatch companies make their money generating bogus contractor leads, and then disappear.

Buyer beware!

The Internet is an excellent tool for research and commerce, but buyer beware! There are many companies advertising out there with the sole intention of making a profit. They care little about the quality of work that gets done, or how many bridges they burn, since they only need to delete their ad and repost it with modified wording to rope in the next hapless victim.

Kitchen Solvers predates the Internet. Think about that for a moment – their reputation was established the good old fashioned way, by word of mouth from enthusiastic clients, and word spread quickly enough to keep their business booming for over forty years. The true value of the Kitchen Solvers franchise lies in their flawless reputation, which translates to guaranteed customer satisfaction. Visit https://www.kitchensolvers.com today to find out more!



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