How the Housing Market Can Add Value to Your Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

housing kitchen remodeling franchise

For those on the inside of the Kitchen Solvers home refinishing franchise, business has been booming lately! In fact, it has been booming for a long time – over forty years to be exact! While other industry players come and go, Kitchen Solvers just keeps on growing.

Other companies might looked at our franchise team and wonder why the business powers-that-be seem to favor Kitchen Solvers. For Kitchen Solvers specifically, that answer lies in the fact that we are a full-service home refinishing franchise suite, helping home owners with everything from the first design draft to the final touches, and guaranteeing the best service and most high-quality materials along every step of the way. However, Kitchen Solvers inherently have some advantages over those in related industries.

Unlike many other industry players, Kitchen Solvers actually benefits from the mercurial nature of the realty market. They say you can only guarantee death and taxes, but we would suggest that you could add “an unreliable real estate market” to this list. The housing market is controlled by innumerable factors, and is always on the move, and this can seriously affect the sales of many home renovation enterprises. However, unlike those franchises offering pool installations, extensive landscaping, and big-ticket housing add-ons, Kitchen Solvers is always in demand despite the state of the realty world.

How does an unruly realty market help the Kitchen Solvers home refinishing franchise?

Whether you are dealing with a market suited to buyers or sellers, Kitchen Solvers can help. When you are looking to sell your home, choosing Kitchen Solvers franchise can add big money to your closing price, as your new (and affordable) refaced cabinetry or counter tops wow interested buyers.

However, if you are looking at a buyer’s market, you may need to settle into your home for awhile longer. For those who feel a little stir-crazy at the thought of staying within the same walls they’ve been looking at for decades, Kitchen Solvers can help you too! Rather than losing thousands of dollars by trying to force a sale in a buyer’s market, you can completely refresh your most high-traffic living spaces for a fraction of the cost. Updating your kitchen or bathroom will change the entire identity of your home, and will put money in the bank for you as you wait for a seller’s market to pop up again.

What this really means is that whether the realty market is up, down, buying, or selling, Kitchen Solvers will always be in business.

How does the realty market affect other industry players?

Unlike Kitchen Solvers, a wobbly real estate market can spell tough times for sales in other industries. Consider the following:

  • Landscaping companieswill tell you that you can ramp up sales prices with high-cost curb appeal, but this is typically an exaggeration that consumers are familiar with. A pretty property might encourage people to take a closer look, but won’t add value to your home. Some prospective buyers will even view your elaborate landscaping as a pain requiring tedious upkeep. Landscapers are not in high demand when a sellers market settles in.
  • Big-ticket additionsmake a complete mess of your sales prospects. Homeowners will sometimes buy big additions in an attempt to boost their home’s value, but these not only add less value than expected, but can actually alienate your home from most buyer’s lists. Most buyers have no interest in paying an inflated price for a home that sits in a neighborhood whose average sale price is much lower.
  • Pool installation franchisesare somewhat of a double-edged sword for those looking to make the most of a seller’s market. While the feature is attractive to some, most look at pools as being a costly responsibility. Buyers will love an updated bathroom or kitchen for its functionality and beauty, but will not always react well to the idea of having to spend upwards of $10,000 each year to maintain a pool that “came with the property.”

It isn’t hard to see why Kitchen Solvers is still in business. In any realty climate, home refinishing franchises focusing on the kitchen and bathroom will be in demand. To learn more about franchise opportunities with Kitchen Solvers, visit¬†today!



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