2 Ways to Save Thousands on Your Bath or Kitchen Remodel

kitchen and bath remodeling project

The Kitchen Solvers team has been in action since 1982, and with over 40,000 bath and kitchen remodeling projects under their belt, it has become clear that many homeowners need help with their budgeting. Sometimes it isn’t their fault, as unprofessional workers and con-artists drag day-long projects into weeks to inflate their invoices, while other times budget blow-ups occur simply because people neglect to monitor costs properly. Whatever the cause, it happens a lot – indeed, there is an entire subgenre of home renovation reality TV that generates all of its drama from budgetary blunders.

Though the bath and kitchen are two places in the home where Americans spend the most money on renovations, it also has the potential to be the place where the most savings can be had! Don’t break the bank to build your bath or kitchen – read on to find out 2 ways that the Kitchen Solvers team can help you save thousands on your next bath or kitchen remodel!

Save on cabinetry with Kitchen Solvers Refacing Cabinet Franchise

Kitchen Solvers helped pioneer the cost-effective cabinet refacing techniques that are used today all across America. This technique helped us established ourselves in the early 80s, and has only been refined to new levels in the nearly four-decades since.

Cabinet refacing has gotten significant media attention recently, and for good reason. More and more homeowners struggling to keep their budgets in check have begun to ask themselves why they would replace the entire cabinet when they can achieve stunning, indistinguishable results for a fraction of the price. Cabinet refacing makes this possible, and also is much friendlier to the environment than fully discarding old materials and frames.

So what is cabinet refacing, exactly? In essence, our Kitchen Solvers team removes your old doors and drawer fronts, then refaces the exposed cabinet framework with 3-ply hardwood, ¼ inch solid wood or veneer paneling. Matching custom-made doors and drawer fronts in solid wood or thermofoil, decorative handles, and high-grade self-closing hinges are installed to completely transform the look of your kitchen. Kitchen Solvers offers customers an endless array of styles, wood species, colors and finishing options.

Cabinet refacing can save you a considerable amount of money compared to conventional demolition and custom replacing techniques, and you don’t have to sacrifice much. With Kitchen Solvers’ cabinet refacing franchise, you are still given a significant amount of customization capabilities. Our consultants will guide you through an exclusive catalogue of high-quality cabinetry so that you can choose the frontage that best suits you. The only condition that must be met for you to be a perfect candidate for our cabinet refacing is that you must be happy with where your current cabinet frames are positioned. If you are planning a larger remodel that drastically alters your floor plan, refacing will not be an option. However, if you’re looking to add cabinetry within the current layout of your kitchen, Kitchen Solvers is happy to help.

Cabinet refacing saves you time as well as money. Since the time-consuming frameworks does not need to be erected, you are able to speed through a substantial renovation project that you feared would haunt you for weeks. Don’t tie up your home’s most vital room any longer than you have to. Cabinet refacing gets the job done fast; only 4 to 6 days with most projects and makes more room in the budget for luxury items!

Save on materials using our exclusive supplier network

One of the most underappreciated perks of Kitchen Solvers consultation is the access it gives you to an exclusive network of premium material suppliers at a very fair price. Tracking down a legitimate provider offering a good deal can take time and effort that you simply don’t have to spare – with Kitchen Solvers, everything is taken care of. Partnering with us gets you streamlined access to the nation’s best material suppliers without any sales pressure. Our consultants are working for your interests, and have no loyalties to single buyers, so you will be led towards the best products and best deals rather than the best commissions.

To learn more about how Kitchen Solvers refacing kitchen cabinet business can save you thousands, call 1-866-604-0002 for a free quote today!


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