Why Hiring a Cabinet Refacing Business for your Remodel Makes Sense

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We are currently entering what many pop culture commentators would call a post-reality TV era, but it seems like nobody told this to the flood of reality TV shows still cluttering up the airwaves. Among them, home remodeling reality TV shows might be the most damaging kinds out there. In a classic case of monkey-see, monkey-do, thousands of inspired amateur re-modelers have gotten themselves into remodeling messes after TV taught them that swinging a hammer and sawing planks apart is all it really takes.

When it comes to kitchen, bathroom, or cabinet-centric home remodeling, you really should turn to the experts. Read on to learn exactly why hiring a cabinet refacing business like Kitchen Solvers for your remodel makes sense.

Calling in the pros saves you time and money

Have you heard of cabinet refacing, or seen it portrayed on TV, and are considering trying it out yourself? This cost-effective cabinet remodeling technique can save thousands of dollars and produce stunning results, when it is done right. When it is done wrong, the end result often includes mismatched cabinetry, imperfect drawer and door-closing, and a lot of wasted time. Why spend the money if you are not going to be happy with the results?
To avoid spending your hard-earned money on an underwhelming outcome, you will want to call in the Kitchen Solvers team. Kitchen Solvers have stayed at the forefront of the cabinet refacing business for four decades because of they perfected this technique very early on. Kitchen Solvers have saved home owners millions, and done so in a streamlined, time-sensitive style every time. Kitchen Solvers consultants will help you pick the perfect items to complement your unique space, drawing a selection of the highest-quality cabinetry. A flawless installation process will save on wasted materials, wasted time, and wasted space as care is put into every cabinet mounting and measurement.
You chose to reface your cabinets to save money while getting stunning results. Amateurs often order the wrong materials, make costly mistakes, and end up back-tracking, all in the name of a sub-par final product. Do it right with Kitchen Solvers!

Calling in the pros gets you the best materials on the market

Kitchen Solvers are more than just an installation team – they are a full-service suite that takes care of every aspect of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. Part of this perk is felt by home owners during the planning and material acquisition phase of their project. Image the different experiences that you could have. Are you one of thousands of amateurs thumbing through encyclopedic catalogs without any direction? Wouldn’t you rather have a seasoned Kitchen Solvers consultant with proven design flair, and insider connections to some of the country’s best cabinet manufacturers?

Having a Kitchen Solvers consultant on your side means that you can find the perfect cabinetry for you in half the time, and know for sure that you are installing only high-quality materials. Don’t take the risk of trusting an unproven manufacturer – you will either end up kicking yourself for paying a premium for low-grade cabinets, or wishing you had invested more after your “unbelievable deal” starts showing its true colors. Kitchen Solvers eliminates these stress factors every single time.

Kitchen Solvers is a premium cabinet refacing business and full-service kitchen and bathroom remodeling suite. If you want your cabinet refacing done right so that your kitchen is both beautiful and cost-effective, then contact the Kitchen Solvers franchise nearest you. You can learn more about our industry-leading services and our refined cabinet refacing process at http://www.kitchensolvers.com.


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