2 Kitchen Solvers Services Clients Often Overlook

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While it isn’t much to complain about, one of the challenges that the Kitchen Solvers team has faced as part of a full-service bath and kitchen franchise has been informing the public about all we have to offer. Throughout the course of a busy day filled with new information, the human brain simplifies, labels, and compartmentalize to maximize retention and organization, but understanding all that Kitchen Solvers has to offer requires a higher level of thought.

Since 1982, Kitchen Solvers bath and kitchen franchises have been helping homeowners realize their dreams and live better. Though our brand is largely associated with the high-quality and cost-effective cabinet refacing technique that we helped pioneer, Kitchen Solvers does much more than that. Read on to learn about 4 Kitchen Solvers services that the general public often overlooks. These are not abstract attempts to make something out of nothing; these 2 services are tangible, high-value ways that Kitchen Solvers helps your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project excel.

Highly-trained interior design consultation

When families begin to consider pursuing renovations and home improvement projects, one of the biggest obstacles they will face is deciding on a plan. Though it may seem like the most fun part, planning and agreeing on an interior design plan can be quite exhausting. Lacking an objective third party, couples often quarrel during this stage as they try to jostle their own tastes into the schematics. At the very least, you can expect to spend hours leafing through material catalogues, rummaging through piles of paint chip samples, and compulsively measuring out random dimensions in your kitchen and bathroom. For those without a stake in style, who are choosing to renovate only because their existing facilities are in disrepair, the process can be even more daunting. With no experience in interior decorating or functional kitchen layouts under your belt, how are you supposed to design a kitchen space that is simultaneously stylish, functional, roomy, and durable?

Fortunately, Kitchen Solvers can help! Kitchen Solvers bath and kitchen franchise are more than hammer-wielding helpers. Fully trained in interior design, Kitchen Solver consultants are fluent in all of contemporary styles, and have cultivated good taste over the course of their training and work experience. Whether you need a third-party tie-breaker, a push in the right direction, or a fully-customized design plan, Kitchen Solvers interior design consultation can help!

Top-tier material acquisition

Another common obstacle that homeowners face when trying to get their bath and kitchen remodeling project starter is tracking down quality materials. If you try to do this on your own, you can expect to sink serious time into the effort. Problems are around every corner. The market is a Wild West at times, with manufacturers and suppliers selling inferior products at a considerable mark-up, or trying to lure buyers towards faulty materials with the promise of a “good deal.” Buyers piecemeal from multiple suppliers can ramp up your costs and risk incompatibilities, while shipping and transport times drag your project from days into weeks.

With Kitchen Solvers, getting the best materials out there is simple. You tell us the look you want, and we show you the best options to accommodate your individual tastes. We enjoy strong links to industry-leading material suppliers and manufacturers that allow us to get you stunning materials that perfectly fit your kitchen or bath space, and your budget. We are working with you as a consultant, not as a sales person. With independent material suppliers, you may feel pressured to buy, and suspect that you are being shown the more expensive items to put more money in their pocket. With Kitchen Solvers, our only intention is to give you the best kitchen or bathroom imaginable. This means no commission-style sales pressure, and no push towards pricier products.

We have really only scratched the surface in the discussion of what Kitchen Solvers bath and kitchen franchise has to offer American homeowners. To learn more, visit https://www.kitchensolvers.com today!


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