Understanding Value – Cabinet Refacing Basics

Understanding Value – Cabinet Refacing Basics by Kitchen Solvers Franchise

Kitchen Solvers kitchen remodeling franchise are America’s leading provider of cabinet refacing treatments. If you have heard of this cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technique, but want to know more, then read on for a full explanation of the value of this home improvement procedure!

The Pros and Cons:


  • Cabinet refacing can cost less than afull cabinet replacement
  • Cabinet refacing takes considerably less time, getting homeowners back to regular life sooner
  • Much less installation hassle involved since you do not need to tear out the cabinets
  • Much less invasive work so that kitchen can still be used throughout
  • Environmentally-friendly technique that does not increase landfill waste


  • Refacing doesn’t let you change the layout of your cabinets.

This simple pro-and-con value assessment of cabinet refacing does a great job explaining why cabinet refacing has become huge for Kitchen Solvers kitchen remodeling franchise. There is more to the story, though; read on to learn how cabinet refacing is valuable both to the homeowner and to the kitchen remodeling franchise owner!

Saving time means making the most of your work hours.

You will be kept busy as a kitchen remodeling franchise owner. People will be dialing your number for everything from countertops resurfacing to new cabinet tear out. Don’t you want to make sure that you can take all of those calls, and keep the customers streaming in?

When your schedule fills up, you will inevitably have to start turning down offers, or booking them later into the future so as not to compromise on the quality of your current projects. Kitchen Solvers’ kitchen remodeling franchise does not compromise on quality; this is how we kept afloat for nearly 40 years in the highly-competitive home improvement industry, and how we continue to be recognized as the best choice in the market.

So how do you stay true to the Kitchen Solvers’ brand quality without turning down customers?

Fortunately, our innovative cabinet refacing technique lets you blaze through jobs without compromising quality. By avoiding the need to construct a brand new frame for your kitchen cabinetry system, you can save a serious amount of time choosing materials, ordering them, transporting them, lugging them into place, and knocking them up. Instead, you simply treat them with a beautiful new veneer, and fit some stunning new drawers, doors, handles, and hinges in place. This lets you book multiple cabinet refacing treatments in a single day so that you can help more people realize their home improvement dreams without breaking their budgets, while your business continues to prosper!

Cabinet refacing literally adds value to your home.

Realtors and designers agree that kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most valuable parts of the property when trying to sell a home. These are two parts of the home that prospective homebuyers will be eyeing very carefully when making their first impressions. If your kitchen cabinets are dirty, marked up, and are otherwise unsightly, then that will largely be what potential homebuyers take away about your house.

Homeowners looking to sell their homes usually have tough choices to make about home improvement projects. They need to ask themselves: “Will the value that these improvements add really justify the time, money, and effort that I am about to sink into this project?” While it is in the best interest of other home improvement franchises to deny it, the reality is that the answer to this question is often a harsh “no.”

However, the answer to your question might be different if you opt for a cabinet refacing treatment instead. By recycling the frame, we save big money on materials, transporting times, installation times, and disposal fees. The savings get passed right along to you. The end result is stunning, and you get to add a beautiful selling point to your home at a cost that should fall under what you gained in the closing sale price.

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