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The Franchise Pioneers in Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Now is the Perfect Time for a Cabinet Refacing Business Franchise

Remodeling activity is growing quickly.

The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University and the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) it releases states that since the middle of 2014 the annual increases in remodeling expenditures have not dropped below 4.8% and is expected to stay above 6% for the projected future.

Several trends are causing the boom: Homeowners are finally tackling projects they delayed during the recession; buyers who snap up foreclosures are setting aside money for immediate remodeling needs, and Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age.
Kitchen Solvers Luxury Kitchen In A New Construction Home
The first two factors are good news in the short term, but the last reason is why remodelers should be excited about the next decade or two.

Baby Boomers are expected to unleash a flurry of remodeling as they either upgrade for retirement or sell and downsize. Studies have shown that many homeowners near retirement haven’t remodeled in 15 to 20 years. They often make one final push for their retirement years or sell to buyers who upgrade.

At the same time, the recession and housing collapse have led to an increase in thrift. Harvard says that while remodeling activity is growing, spending-per-job is down slightly. Value is driving decisions — and that’s what kitchen cabinet refacing delivers.

Kitchen Remodeling Franchise Pioneered Cabinet Refacing for as little as $91,584

Kitchen Solvers franchise owners specialize in kitchen cabinet remodeling, cabinet refacing and kitchen design consultation. We handle all types of kitchen remodeling jobs, but we pioneered high-quality cabinet refacing when we started over 38 years ago. Refacing offers consumers a custom kitchen cabinet upgrade at a much lower cost, and the jobs are also less labor intensive — which allows our franchise owners to handle a higher volume of work. You can read more about our cabinet refacing process here.

Our international franchise system is based in La Crosse, Wisc. Depending on financing options, our franchise owners can often open their business with as little as $91,584. Kitchen Solvers owners enjoy several benefits: extensive sales training, market research and marketing support, business management and software training. They also benefit from Kitchen Solvers’ ability to negotiate aggressively with suppliers, using the pooled buying power of its franchisees to secure deep discounts on kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing supplies. That leaves more room for profit as franchise owners compete for projects.
Kitchen Solvers White Kitchen Design In New Luxurious Home
Best of all, anyone with a love of kitchen design and home improvement can succeed at our business, from the person who has never picked up a drill to the person with years of contracting experience.

A Different Kind of Kitchen Remodeling Business

Most kitchen remodelers ask, right off the bat, “What’s your budget?” We believe that is a huge mistake. Most people will remodel a kitchen only once or twice in a lifetime and as a result, kitchen remodeling is intimidating for homeowners. They don’t know what their options are or how expensive they should be. They just know they want a beautiful kitchen, and they expect to be overcharged.

Kitchen Solvers takes a consultative approach, asking questions about the family, the kitchen, and what they like and don’t like, then educates customers about the available options for the remodel. We build trusting relationships with customers by giving them knowledge and control — and trust leads to sales.

Having a good eye for design, good listening skills and a desire to help customers is far more important than remodeling experience. Some of our top franchisees, such as Sara Baumann, have no background in construction or remodeling — but she knows how to educate customers and put them at ease. A craftsman handles the installations, and Sara uses her customer relationship skills to generate sales.

Why Kitchen Cabinet Franchises are on the rise

The Harvard housing research center, in its report, “A New Decade of Growth for Remodeling,” says larger organizations cushion lean times and can turbocharge booms: “Consolidation would offer remodelers important benefits of scale, such as greater operating efficiencies and better negotiating positions with suppliers — not to mention stronger balance sheets.”

Larry Schaffert, who owns Schaffert Construction in Frederick County, Md., bought a Kitchen Solvers franchise in 1998.

He said the recent recession has a big silver lining: While his business remained healthy, many of his competitors closed, which has cleared away the competition and ensured that he will capture an even bigger slice of the remodeling boom.

“If I had it to do all over again, getting into construction, I would do it as part of a franchise because it gives you a jumpstart.”

And it would be Kitchen Solvers, he says.

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