Painting versus Refacing – Reasons Why Kitchen Solvers Cabinet Refacing Makes Sense

Painting versus Refacing – Reasons Why Kitchen Solvers Cabinet Refacing Makes Sense   When you simply need to spruce up your kitchen space, giving the cabinets a face-lift is often going to be your first choice. You stare at these practical furnishings every day when you reach for kitchen appliances, pantry items, and cutlery. Furthermore, because they essentially frame your kitchen space, they can make or break its entire aesthetic appeal. Realty agents will encourage home owners to punch-up their cabinetry to add dollars to the final offers made on their homes, and interior design authorities will say that changing your cabinets can dramatically alter the look of your kitchen space. But what is the best way to go about it? Should you slap on a quick coat of paint, or contact a cabinet refacing business? The answer will be obvious to different people for different reasons, as some value speed and a tiny price tag over all else. Ultimately, though, calling a cabinet refacing business like Kitchen Solvers will be your best choice for saving money and getting the results you want. Read on for a comparison between painting and refacing your dated cabinetry.   What is cabinet refacing? Cabinet refacing is an economical way to get incredible results in your kitchen. Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business will essentially use your existing cabinet frames.  The old doors and drawer fronts are removed and your cabinet exterior is refaced with a factory finished 3-ply hardwood paneling or wood veneer.  New matching custom-made solid wood or thermofoil doors and drawer fronts, decorative handles and high-grade self-closing hinges are installed to complete the project.   What are the risks of painting my cabinets? The first thing to consider is the risk of doing a poor job of painting. Painting requires more skill than most realize, and a blotchy, streaking, uneven paint job that ends up staining handles and hinges will do very little in terms of adding value or aesthetic appeal.   More importantly, painted cabinets will be tougher to maintain. Painted cabinets have a tendency to accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. Furthermore, exposed paint can be tricky to clean with vigorous scrubbing or tough cleaning solutions. Painted cabinets also deteriorate rather quickly. If the paint is not properly sealed or prepared beforehand, you will quickly start to notice peeling and flaking that is both unsightly and constantly demanding that you sweep up mess.   What are the benefits of cabinet refacing? In contrast to painting over your cabinets, cabinet refacing is risk-free, easy to clean, and actually extends the shelf life of your cabinets. Choosing Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business protects you with nearly 40 years of installation excellence that has refined the process to produce maximum results in minimal time. Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business also leaves you with beautifully sealed cabinets that are as durable as they are easy to clean. Smooth and easy to wipe down, Kitchen Solvers cabinets are sealed with a 7-stage finishing process so your cabinets will look like new for years.   Cabinet refacing will give your existing frames new life with the application of this protective coat, and extend the life of your kitchen cabinetry considerably since the most heavily-used components are brand new.   This quick comparison shows why Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business has been so successful over its 40-year history. Painting may seem like the economical option at first glance, but when you are left with ugly cabinets with a dwindling lifespan, you will wish you had opted for refacing. Cabinet refacing gives many of the benefits of a full cabinetry replacing at a fraction of the cost, and is a vastly superior option to painting. Find out more today at!  


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