Should I Launch A Handyman Services Franchise In 2020?

Today’s post spotlights remodeling industry growth that supports new business start-ups, and explains why the Kitchen Solvers model outperforms traditional handyman services franchises.

Market Trends Support Starting Handyman Services Franchise

The home improvement market revenue is poised to rise from $800 billion in 2018 to around $1,120 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. report. This exciting growth projection has been attributed to rise of stringent green building regulations, rising electricity expenses, increases in senior-friendly home renovations, and high household spending.

All in all, it looks like the time is right to launch that handyman services franchise you’ve always dreamed about!

Kitchen Solvers: Take Your Business Beyond Handyman Services

If you feel qualified to start a handyman services franchise, chances are you’d make a perfect Kitchen Solvers franchise owner. But why would you want to partner with our brand instead of launching your own company or choosing a handyman services franchise?

Launching a handyman services company on your own doesn’t take much in 2020. All you need is the right tools and skills, then just post a free classified ad. Congratulations–you’re in business, kind of. Really, it’s more of a “side hustle.” A real business needs a business model, along with proper marketing, long-term planning, website, brand image, customer service channels, and much more. While you may be able to land a few jobs and make a few dollars with this barebones operation, you certainly won’t be winning sales from established competitors in your area. And when you start to consider how long it will take (and how much it will cost) to develop the skills, plans, and processes required to compete, the value of franchising starts to add up.

So does that mean a handyman services franchise is the answer? Maybe–the training, support, brand reputation, marketing assists, and proven processes sure won’t hurt–but it still might not be your best bet.

Compared to handyman services franchises, Kitchen Solvers owners get access to way bigger market shares. That’s because our services extend beyond the “small ticket” jobs that handyman services franchises focus on. As a Kitchen Solvers franchise owner, you can take on big ticket jobs like laying floors, replacing cabinetry, tiling backsplashes, and completely remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. But you also get your pick of all the handyman jobs that handyman services franchises can offer. And since your company offers both big-ticket and small-ticket services, you enjoy some serious “complementary marketing” perks–in other words, when given the option, your clients are much more likely to offer you both jobs, rather than hiring multiple contractors.

How To Get Started With Kitchen Solvers

You can check out our 5-step start-up process, which takes you from first call to first day of training, on the Kitchen Solvers ‘Let’s Get Started’ page. There you’ll also find additional links to more information about our opportunity.

Alternatively, you can call us up right now and get all your questions answered by dialing 888-484-8468.


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