Why Kitchen Solvers Remodeling Franchise Owners are Thriving

Why Kitchen Solvers Remodeling Franchise Owners are Thriving


The risks of making a dramatic move or taking action to buy or sell real estate hardly seem worth it in today’s realty landscape. Nowadays, people are staying in their homes for much longer periods. The Canadian market has just recently begun to display some measure of resilience, with condo prices and populations sizes starting to swell even as value-boosting highway extension projects near completion in Ontario’s Durham Region. Still, nothing is ever certain, and the housing bubble is always at risk of bursting. Worst still, the realty market is one of the least regulated industries in operation, making proper projections and safe strategies very difficult to attain. Realty agents can make ludicrous claims about future profit projections, and accurate investment information is hard to come by. The end result is that regardless of the amount of time and resources invested in industry education, all realty players are operating in the dark to some degree, unsure of the cause and effect of interest rates, and unable to make accurate predictions or value assessments with so much inaccurate information swirling through the industry zeitgeist.

The housing market’s current instability discourages drastic realty moves, and has been pushing people to seek alternate means of transforming their living space without putting their family’s main source of capital at risk. This is where Kitchen Solvers Remodeling franchises come into play.

The kitchen is the center of home life, and by transforming it, you are transforming your family’s living experience. An updated kitchen provides a modern venue for all of your family’s most significant moments, from intimate meals and birthday parties to big announcements. Many home owners opt to build their home equity by investing in an updated kitchen, and find that they enjoy many of the refreshing benefits of new home ownership with this option. For this reason, the kitchen remodeling industry has been thriving, but Kitchen Solvers franchises have been particularly successful due to the following two factors:

1.  Kitchen Solvers take out the stress

Remodeling your family’s most beloved room can be a scary prospect, especially when you have limited carpentry or design experience, but Kitchen Solvers have been standing by offering simple solutions for over two decades. Kitchen Solvers workers prefer to sit with the client, helping with everything from design conception to kitchen construction.

Rejecting the classic corporate model of forcing overwhelmed clients to pick and choose from stock selections, Kitchen Solvers experts prefer to meet in the client’s home, taking an approach that values dialogue over catalogues. This planning session allows the expert to get a sense of the client’s taste, while also getting a feel for the space so that they can find the perfect plan to suit unique budgets and tastes. This step takes all of the pressures of home design off of your shoulders by putting you in the hands of trained experts, giving you the option of being involved as much or as little as you like.

Kitchen Solvers’ stress-reduction approach also involves simplifying your team coordination. More than a cabinet company, Kitchen Solvers can handle any countertop and kitchen-design needs, meaning that you don’t need to waste time or energy juggling contractors, syncing up different work details, and meeting with different parties.

2.  Kitchen Solvers cut down the expense

Kitchen Solvers emphasize the importance of building relationships, not meeting sales quotas, and this means securing the best deal possible so that all parties come away satisfied. Kitchen Solvers pioneered the money-saving practice of cabinet re-facing, which became a cornerstone of the company in the 1980s, but today represents only one of many cost-saving strategies employed by franchise owners. Cabinet re-facing is cost-effective without coming at the expense of striking aesthetics, and involves the recycling of old cabinet frames and boxes to minimize material costs for the home owner. After replacing the doors, trim, drawers, and gluing furniture-grade plywood panels to the old frames, home owners are treated to stunning results that come at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel.



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