3 Things to Look for in a Handyman Franchise

3 Things to Look for in a Handyman Franchise

Starting your own handy man franchise might be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Working for yourself as a franchise owner gives you tremendous flexibility, the chance to build a legacy, and the support of a team of industry veterans. Though the temptation to throw off your boss’s yoke will try to convince you to start off on your own sooner rather than later, a career move of this size calls for some preparation.

With many franchise options being offered to prospective self-starters, the research phase can be quite overwhelming. Kitchen Solvers would like to offer some helpful research tips to help attune you to what is good and bad out there. Read on to learn 3 things to look for in a perfect handyman franchise.

  • Going off on your own can be difficult enough without taking on the problems of an unstable franchise. One of the best ways to identify stability in a handy man franchise is to review how many years it has been in business. This variable can be even more important if the franchise has a number of direct competitors, as it indicates that they are good enough to stay afloat in a cutthroat market. Kitchen Solvers franchise was founded in 1982, and has thrived despite the competitive climate created by other kitchen remodeling companies. After 30 years in business and over 45,000 families wowed by their new kitchens, Kitchen Solvers are a perfect example of a franchise that offers stability for a start-up handy man franchise owner.
  • A positive outlook. What plans are in the future of the handy man franchise you have chosen? If their immediate history tells you that there is a stagnant future on the horizon, look elsewhere. The development plans for the handy man franchise you choose need to complement your personal vision and expectation. A business that is not growing is a red flag because it suggests that the market has already yielded most of what is to be gained using their current business model. Less available resources to grow mean less available resources for new market entries like yourself. Kitchen Solvers franchise has been enjoying success since its founding in the early 80s. With new franchise owners joining the Kitchen Solvers family regularly, Kitchen Solvers continues to grow, and has evolved into a multi-dimensional kitchen remodeling business and full handyman franchise service suite.
  • Start-up costs that suit your savings account. Many prospective self-starters never quite realize their freelance franchise dreams because they lack sufficient start-up capital. For those outside of the franchise system, this is especially difficult, as all costs for training, tools, inventory, design consultation, storage, marketing, and travel come out of your pocket as overhead. Without an established customer base, spending this kind of money can put families at risk. When looking for your dream franchise, make sure the start-up costs suit your savings account balance! Kitchen Solvers require less than $50,000 in start-up capital. Better yet, Kitchen Solvers kitchen remodelers require only 1-2 employees, and require no inventory.

Kitchen Solvers Handyman Franchise Opportunities Have Distinct Advantages

Kitchen Solvers stands as an industry-leader in the kitchen remodel and handyman business. The stability, positive outlook, and access start-up are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what makes them great. Kitchen Solvers franchise owners start making money fast, enjoying a considerable customer network, and a brand name that has established itself as a handyman and kitchen remodeling authority. If you find yourself dreading Monday’s work day every Sunday night, but lack the capital, marketing expertise, design knowledge, and supplier contacts to go it alone, know that Kitchen Solvers can help you realize your self-starter dreams!


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