4 Reasons to Consider a Kitchen Remodel in 2020

4 Reasons to Consider a Kitchen Remodel in 2020

Don’t deny yourself the kitchen of you’ve always wanted any longer! Today’s post runs down 4 reasons why it makes sense to pull the trigger on that kitchen remodeling project in 2020.

Reasons Why Kitchen Remodel

1. You’re tired of overpaying for energy. Older kitchens are often sites of major energy leaks. Adding skylights can help reduce lighting costs by eliminating the need for artificial lighting; installing solar energy-efficient appliances and water heaters can help cut the energy billthe list goes on and on. In 2020, there’s more energy-efficient appliances, materials, and fixtures than ever, so this is your year to start saving more money!

2. Kitchen remodeling trends and technologies are evolving—and you want to keep up! Iconic modern and traditional kitchen design trends are giving way to contemporary, transitional, and farmhouse styles in 2020, according to the U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trendy Study. In fact, Houzz researchers noted an 87% “Change to kitchen style” (among renovating homeowners updating style) in 2018.

Meanwhile, vendors keep rolling out exciting new materials that open up all kinds of eco-friendly function and design possibilities for the kitchen. Furthermore, technology is constantly evolving, and many homeowners are looking for ways to integrate new electronics, like wireless speakers and Google Home, and appliances with high-tech features.

You don’t need to buy or build a new home to enjoy all these exciting 21st century developments. A cost-effective kitchen remodel puts style makeovers, tech updates, and material upgrades in easy reach.

3. You plan to sell your home (and want to add value). If you’ve ever thought about selling your home, 2020 might be the time, thanks to (believe it or not) Millennial buyers. Though slow to get started, the Millennial cohort is now expected to drive the U.S. housing market forward in 2020 more than ever, with many expected to either purchase their first home or decamp from city to suburb and trade up.

Market conditions are good, and kitchen remodeling is a great way to capitalize. After all, the best way to add value to the home is to invest in the rooms where people spend their time: according to Steve Straughan, an architect from the KAA Design Group who appeared in a recent HGTV interview, that’s the kitchen and bathroom.

In fact, bathroom additions have approximately twice the resale value of a new bedroom, according to a National Association of Realtors study. Researchers G. Stacy Sirmans and David Macpherson found that adding a bathroom increased the sale price of a home by 8.7 percent, which more than doubles the value added by a bedroom remodel.

So if you’re looking to make a little extra, whether you’re selling an old family home or trying to pull off a flip, kitchen remodeling is a great move.

4. You just hate it. Have you been eating out just to avoid spending time in the kitchen? Is it cramped, impractical, drafty, leaky, tacky, or simply tired? Did the previous owner build the space to fit a lifestyle that just doesn’t work for you? Whatever the reason may be, you need to fall in love with your kitchen again.

Lucky for you, your kitchen remodeling options are practically limitless. Check out the Kitchen Solvers website to get some inspiration on backsplashes, flooring, cabinets, and more, along with kitchen remodeling tips courtesy of the Kitchen Solvers franchise.


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