Remodeling Franchise FAQ: Refacing as a Business Opportunity?


As a low-cost and effective alternative to full cabinet replacement projects, cabinet refacing is a dream-come-true for clients looking for results on a budget. But did you know that it’s also one of the best ways for remodeling franchise owners to gain new clients, build rapport, and secure repeat business?

In today’s post, we answer some frequently-asked questions about adding refacing services to increase the revenue of your remodeling franchise.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware while keeping the original cabinetry structure intact. This process usually involves covering the sides and framework with plywood or veneer.

How Does Refacing Benefit My Remodeling Franchise?

Remodeling franchise owners benefit from basically all of the advantages that clients associate with cabinet refacing.

In the same way that clients are thrilled to get a new kitchen feature for a fraction of what they expected to pay, remodeling franchise owners save time and money on refacing projects. While the bottom-line profit isn’t the same as a full-on kitchen remodel, the project’s rapid turnover makes up for it fast. Refacing jobs can be completed in 2-4 days, and let you skip the hassle of coordinating plumbers, floor installers, and electricians.

Furthermore, once you’ve got a foot in the door, there’s a great opportunity to offer additional work; since the kitchen typically remains functional during the refacing, these projects can be carried out at the same time as you replace the countertops or offer some storage solutions.

But even if you don’t turn a refacing job into a larger kitchen remodel, refacing gets your foot in the door and establishes a relationship of trust that your clients will turn to next time they have need of a remodeling expert.

Refacing also offers your business excellent opportunities for PR; because refacing wastes so little and recycles so much, it’s great for the environment, something that modern conscious consumers are looking for wherever they can find it.

How Does Refacing Increase My Remodeling Franchise’s Bottom Line?

Beyond the reputational and business opportunity benefits outlined earlier, refacing will directly increase your remodeling franchise’s bottom line.

Because refacing is a cheaper option, offering this service opens up a new target market of customers who would otherwise not be able to afford a full remodel. In fact, compared to the majority of Americans shopping around for minor remodels, restoration, and repairs, the full kitchen renovation market is somewhat small. Offering this service will literally increase your business’s pool of viable prospects.

What Tools Are Needed To Add Refacing Services?

Several installation methods exist, but most carpentry kits can accommodate refacing needs: utility knife, cordless drill/driver, handsaw, screwdriver, tape measure, clamps, level, nails, hammer, screws, nails, small pry bar, wood glue, miter saw, table/circular saw, and straightedge.

The real kicker is finding quality cabinetry pieces to incorporate into your refacing. Building these supplier relationships isn’t easy, especially when you’re competing with established remodeling franchises like Kitchen Solvers.

Would Joining A Refacing Franchise Be Better For My Business?

Rather than expanding your existing remodeling business, you might be better off joining a remodeling franchise that offers refacing. This would get you inside access to the tools, techniques, and suppliers that national brands use to be successful, and the transition would be easy to manage. If you’d like to learn more about whether joining a remodeling franchise is the best way to take advantage of the business opportunities that refacing has to offer, visit to learn more about what we have to offer.


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