Benefits of Refacing

Benefits of Refacing Your kitchen cabinets look tired. They have been in your kitchen since it was built those many years ago, and may be faded or worn. What can you do to make your kitchen come alive again? One way to spruce up your cooking and eating space is to reface your cabinets. What is refacing? It is a process where cabinet doors, drawer fronts are replaced, while leaving the cabinet box intact.  A door style and color of the homeowner’s choice is applied to the exterior part of the cabinet box and the doors. This creates a whole new look. It is a simple system, and an easy way to improve the look of the kitchen. There is no need to replace the whole room when all it needs is a face-lift. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing refacing over brand new.


Depending on the style of doors you want, there is a chance for a substantial cost savings. Another thing to consider is, are you replacing your countertops? The great thing about having a professional reface your cabinets is that the quality of refaced cabinets is very high. You won’t even be able to tell the difference between refaced and brand new.


Taking out cabinets and putting in brand new ones is a big job and very time consuming. When you do a complete tear out, it can include plumbing and possible electrical fees. It can take  several days or even weeks to design, tear out and finish with brand new cabinets. Refacing only takes a couple days in many jobs to fully complete the task. There is no struggle to remove cabinets or totally take them out of the house. There is less disruption in the home. You won’t have to worry about costs for electrical work, flooring or even plumbing. You can still use your kitchen, or what ever room is getting the refaced cabinets.

Environmentally Friendly

Refacing prevents excess waste and is a form of recycling. Most cabinets that are thrown out end up in landfills. Many of these old cabinets have the chemical formaldehyde in them, which you don’t want in landfills. By refacing, you are stopping any toxic chemicals from going into a landfill, as well as refraining from having the need to cut down any more trees.

Variety of Options

There are endless choices to be made for your cabinets’ new look. (This is the whole point of refacing.) There are many options in finishes, colours, veneers and thermofoil. Molding and trim can be added or changed. Why, you can even add glass if you want to create a unique look or style. There are endless benefits when refacing your kitchen cabinets. One that many overlook is that you are a superhero. By refacing your kitchen cabinets, you can save time, money and the environment. If you have questions, simply ask a professional like Kitchen Solvers. Let their experience guide you.

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