Kitchen Trends for 2016

Kitchen Trends for 2016 Are you planning to remodel, renovate or do some kitchen improvements this year? Take a look at what is trending right now for some exciting and unique ideas. This is the year to have the kitchen of your dreams. Cabinets Personalized and semi-personalized cabinets are popular this year. Homeowners are looking for an affordable cabinet that suits their kitchens and lifestyles. The popular cabinet designs are subtle, with clean lines. For example, the Shaker Style (variations of plain with square design) seems to be a hit. Other styles of square and rectangle cabinets are still commonly requested. Horizontal cabinets are on the rise in popularity. These trends actually make it easier to upgrade and update your kitchen. Colors Black and white kitchens give a clean, sleek impression which easily combines modern and rustic styles. White cabinets are still popular, with earthy, grey and neutral tones close behind. This palette of colors work well with many different kitchen designs. The colors also give a sense of warmth to the room. They also set you up for the chance to use bold colors in the rest of the house. Even back-splashes are being done in muted colors such as pastels and charcoal. Functional Designs Every inch of kitchen space is being used now. Even the spaces above and below cabinets are being adjusted to create useful space. Toe-kick drawers, pull-out shelves, lazy-susans, containers and extra storage dividers are all being used to make kitchens more functional in design. Kitchens are also being designed to be more energy efficient and time-saving. Natural lighting and LEDs are popular and reduce energy. High Tech Options An exciting trend is the use and integration of smart devices in the kitchen. Kitchens are now being designed with built-in charging stations, hand-free functions and tablet holders. Appliances are being created with Wi-Fi cameras, software and Bluetooth capabilities. There are range dials with thermometers that will connect with your phone to tell you when your food is ready. There are devices that will answer your questions like, “how many teaspoons equal a tablespoon?” You can start and stop the cooking via your phone, or even check on the process with certain devices. The high-tech trends focus on convenience for the busy family. Lighting As mentioned earlier, LED lighting and natural lighting are on the rise in popularity. Cabinet lighting is in, and becoming the preferred way to light kitchens. You will find lighting below or above cabinets, even inside. Even lighting inside cabinets is becoming a common practice. Recessed lighting gives character and atmosphere to kitchens. With these options, homeowners have convenience, as well as the ability to set the mood of the mood by light. Range Hoods Is it a surprise that range hoods are making the trend list? Metal and wood-metal combinations are continuing to be popular. With the lighter and more muted colors, the metal provides an interesting contrast. The top metals being used this year are copper, bronze and brass. Lights, faucets and cabinet hardware in metal are popular accents.

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