How to Choose Cabinets for your Kitchen

How to Choose Cabinets for your Kitchen The kitchen is a place of happy moments and unforgettable memories. It is here where meals are created, decisions are made and days both start and end for so many people. Kitchens can say as much about your tastes, styles and personality as your clothes. A main focus in kitchens is the cabinets. Once you have your own place, you may want to change things a bit to suit you and your life. Take your kitchen’ size and shape into consideration when choosing the design and look of your cabinets. Think about different styles, materials and layouts. Keep in mind the function of your cabinets, and the type of hardware you will use.

Types of Cabinets

There are many types of cabinets: hanging, wall and base cabinets, with variations of each. Often, hanging cabinets are overlooked so some aesthetic feature can stand out, like a window, backsplash or a fancy, unique design on the wall. Base cabinets are moving away from having doors, to becoming drawers. People like the fact that with drawers, there is less reaching and bending. Wall cabinets are those that reach from the ceiling to the floor. They are good for using up space in high areas, or for storing less-used items. Wall cabinets can also be used as features or feature walls.

Cabinet Materials and Finishes

If you would like a cabinet with a more-exotic flavor, try one made from bamboo or mahogany. Cherry wood is often a favourite for large, characteristic cabinets. All of these materials can be finished with a lacquer or stain of your choice. You can get a natural, wood grain look as well. Cherry wood looks absolutely gorgeous with a rich, dark stain. Maple looks good either stained painted or with a natural look. Even after staining or painting, you can personalize your cabinets even further by using distressing, glazing or speckling. These methods create a style or personalized design. Stains can come in a large range of light and darks. Natural wood has unique grain patterns that appeal to some and want to show the patterns off. Use a light stain if you want to see the natural wood designs. For stains, remember different woods will stain in their own special way. Painted white cabinets are one of the most popular styles of cabinetry right now.  We do not recommend painting the cabinets yourself. Remember, if you are painting your cabinets yourself, wood will expand and contract with variations in humidity and temperature. These changes can create hairline cracks. You can get MDF doors to help prevent getting cracks in your cabinet doors. If you have questions or doubts about cabinets, you can always ask a professional. They will have experience and know the various materials and finishes to achieve the look you want. If you decide to have them put in your cabinets or reface the old ones, you usually get a warranty and you will get an expert professional job in half the time it would take doing it on your own.

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