3 Trendy Kitchen Remodeling Tips

3 Trendy Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen Solvers franchise is truly a full-service home remodeling suite. This reputation is well-earned and far-reaching for a number of reasons, but the bottom line is that our contribution to the home remodeling industry goes much deeper than most Americans might realize. Not only has the Kitchen Solvers franchise been helping homeowners realize their most coveted bath and kitchen dreams for nearly 40 years, but we have been providing inspiration for future projects as well!

As a full-service kitchen and bathroom remodeling suite, Kitchen Solvers does everything from material acquisition to cabinet and countertop installation. However, our design consultation services have distinguished us as a leading kitchen cabinet remodel tips franchise, too! This means that we are not only in the trenches, swinging hammers to build your dream kitchen, but also that we are engaging homeowners with avant-garde design ideas that find the perfect balance of style and affordability.

After almost 40 years in service of homeowners looking to transform their living spaces to suit their unique tastes, we have grown very proud of our reputation as an industry leader, and would like to do whatever it takes to honor the name the American public has given us. Read on to learn 3 trendy kitchen remodeling tips informed by the taste and training that has made us America’s go-to interior design consultant and kitchen cabinet remodel tips franchise!

1. Get quirky with Quartz Countertops:

Quartz countertops are a newcomer in the countertop remodeling scene, but their elegant aesthetic has homeowners in search of modern chic salivating! When you choose Kitchen Solvers franchise for your bathroom or kitchen countertop needs, you are granted access to an exclusive network of material providers who can set you up with some of the most sought-after styles in the business. Your Kitchen Solvers franchisee will set you up with a catalog of quartz countertops available in a range of different colors and finishes so that you can pair your pristine countertop with any palette.

Quartz countertops are truly a luxurious modern kitchen amenity. Not only do these countertop options scream sophistication, but they are incredibly practical as well. Quartz countertops seal incredibly well, and the hardness of quartz material makes scratches and dings from fumbled cookware or sloppy knife skills a rarity!

2. Custom cabinetry for a chic and accessible wine cellar.

Kitchen Solvers franchise built their name over the past 40 years with unparalleled custom cabinetry solutions. You don’t build a company in a competitive business without having some special tricks and techniques up your sleeve, and this is the case for Kitchen Solvers as well. All of our franchisees are extensively trained in custom cabinetry design and installation, letting you chase down any trendy cabinet ideas you may have.

One trendy and popular cabinet idea that has been sweeping the nation has been the addition of wine storage cabinets in the kitchen. Kitchen Solvers gives you access to cabinet manufacturers that accommodate this idea with space-saving racks, open, breathable displays, and custom interiors that keep your stemware handy as well. Whether you prefer lattice, scalloped, or base cabinets, Kitchen Solvers can help you stay attuned to this wine cellar trend!

3. Under-cabinet lighting for a dramatic shaded style that doesn’t sacrifice function.

Installing lighting under your cabinets can create a striking effect in the kitchen, allowing you to manipulate where light and shadows fall to create a romantic ambiance in what is traditionally a functional room. This can be important if your kitchen doubles as a dining room. Fortunately, this stylish move does not sacrifice function. In fact, it increases it; as most of your knife work and cooking prep is done on your countertop beneath your overhead cabinets, installing under-cabinet lighting illuminates these common work spaces, while still encouraging playful shadowing in other parts of the kitchen.

For more kitchen design tips, contact Kitchen Solvers today, and find out why we are America’s leading kitchen remodeling consultants!


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