Home Remodeling is still going Strong

Home Remodeling is still going Strong

How can a single trend last so long? Thanks to the many different avenues of media, as well as other reasons like home ownership and advertising, the home remodeling trend is still going strong. Below are some of the reasons you can expect to see the popularity of home remodeling to be around for a while.


Television Shows

One of the big reasons is the endless variety of remodeling TV shows. Whether it’s Do-It-Yourself, good contractor/bad contractor, need company, designing rooms or even remodeling competitions, the home (especially the kitchen and bathroom) remodeling trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Many shows are increasing ad support, proving there is still an interest in improving a home.


Home Ownership

Homeowners today are more able to stay longer in their own homes as they age, and they want to upgrade or renovate the home to be more comfortable and functional as time goes on.

There has been growth in home prices and sales, which are reflected in home renovations and remodeling. People want to personalize their homes, and make them into the house of their dreams. Homeowners are more willing to update rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom.


Commercials and Ads

Home improvement programs are also helping with continuing the remodeling trend. They often recruit companies and retailers of home improvement stores, as well as product producers. Often tools, paints and cabinetry are highlighted on a show, or during commercials, then highlighted again on the company’s website. Ads and commercials continue to fuel our creative, remodeling minds.

Even if the show being watched isn’t dealing with renovations, the commercials will still make us think of fixing up our home.


Historic Preservation

Yes, historic preservation is also fuelling the remodeling trend. More people are taking an interest in preserving their historic homes. Although updating and upgrading rooms in such a house can be challenging, it needs to be done to bring homes up to standard if they are being lived in.


The Drawback

The only drawback to home remodeling shows is that people think they can see a great idea and replicate it in their own home, on their own, with cheap products. Time and expense of remodeling a home or room are often downplayed on TV shows. Viewers see crews working 24/7, which really isn’t true. In the real world, there are work hours, and schedules to handle.

Get a professional for their advice and expertise. They can give you accurate and realistic costs and remodeling time frame, as well as suggest good quality products. Kitchen Solvers is a fine example of such professionals. Let them do what they know best.


Even though there is this drawback, the remodeling trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. You can be sure, that wherever there are homeowners, remodeling shows, commercials and the option to be environmentally friendly, there will be home renovations. After all, who wants a house that is the same as their neighbors? Everyone wants to give his or her home that special touch.

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