6 smart home renovation tips from a Kitchen Solvers Franchise

6 smart home renovation tips from a Kitchen Solvers Franchise


The Kitchen Solvers family of franchises has been helping homeowners realize their home renovation goals for over four decades. Whether you are looking to maximize the function and aesthetic appeal of your existing layout with high-quality cabinet refacing, or would prefer to put the past behind you and begin your kitchen renovations from scratch, Kitchen Solvers are a trusted and proven home renovation franchise that can help take your plan from conception to completion. Staying true to our reputation as a helpful home renovation franchise, Kitchen Solvers would like to share with you 6 tips to help avoid any major mishaps that could cost you serious time and money.


Plan your work properly.

A stunning renovation will owe most of its success to proper planning. Poor preparation often leads to ballooning budgets, or weekend projects that end up turning your home into a construction site for weeks on end. Stay on time and on-budget with a detailed plan. Kitchen Solvers home renovation franchise can help you lay out a streamlined plan for success before you begin, guiding you through material selection, design drawings for your new layout, or brainstorming your new creative direction. A proper plan should make your new kitchen easy to imagine before the work has even begun.


No buying before your brainstorm stage has passed.

Do not make the mistake of buying materials, appliances, or fixtures before your planning phase has been completed. This is often easier said than done, with online sales and liquidation prices constantly tempting us from every flyer or website we stumble across. However, buying before you brainstorm your new kitchen can be a costly mistake. It is very likely that you will end up returning ill-fitting appliances, or may finish a job with more uneeded materials that you don’t know what to do with. Kitchen Solvers consultants can help you lay the best of plans, and also navigate material supplier networks to get you the best price possible without ever needing a discount flyer.


Never ignore unforeseen issues.

Tearing down walls and ripping up floors shows you a side of your home that you may never have seen before. This stage often holds some nasty surprises for home owners, especially those living in older homes. Electrical and plumbing issues are very common, and even though they may force you to alter your budget, should be treated when possible to prevent much greater expense and damage down the road.


Don’t cut corners!

Cutting corners on quality materials or a job well done may save you time and money in the moment, but will hurt you badly over the long term. It is always best to get the job done right on your first try. Redoing anything is always going to be exponentially harder and more expensive. Kitchen Solvers home renovation franchises eliminate this problem for home owners, providing clients the best possible materials installed by highly-trained professionals.


Do not deal with unlicensed trade workers.

Kitchen Solvers are highly-trained and carefully vetted, so that clients hiring on Kitchen Solvers home renovation franchise workers can be sure that they are getting exactly what they paid for. However, many make the mistake of trusting electrical, plumbing, or HVAC work to general contractors who are looking to buoy their paycheck at the end of the day by corralling some extra work hours. Do not let unlicensed workers touch anything in your home. Kitchen Solvers consultants can refer to you whatever professional network is needed for your home renovation.


Limit your DIY instincts.

Ambitious property owners often like to get their hands dirty in home renovation projects, but just be warned that certain work is best left to professionals. Certain projects involving custom cabinetry installation or advanced carpentry will only leave home owners frustrated, and their meddling may slow down the professionals.



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