4 Helpful Contractor Hiring Tips from a Home Improvement Business

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Today’s post offers 4 tips that homeowners can use to choose the best possible home improvement business for their kitchen remodeling project. Read on to learn some simple guidelines you can use to ensure your chosen home improvement business is on par with the Kitchen Solver’s franchise.

Trust your gut.

Your first impressions about potential contractors can tell you a lot about how the project will go. Start your assessment from the moment you make contact. If you find their behavior off-putting or their sales pitch too aggressive, move on. Don’t go any further with somebody you’re not completely comfortable being around.

Like any good home improvement business, Kitchen Solver’s honors the customer experience from start to finish. Our Pleasant Remodeling Experience is all about working with you to bring life to the heart of your home. We do everything in our power to provide a stress-free remodeling experience that involves you as much (or as little) as you want. Give us a call, follow your instinct, and see for yourselves why so many Americans entrust their homes to us.

Beware of the lowest bidders.

There are some great deals out there to be had, but it’s usually best to avoid home improvement businesses that offer shockingly low quotes. While it could be a situation where quality workers are trying to undercut the competition, more often than that “bargain price” means cheap materials and unskilled labor.

That said, you shouldn’t trust anyone with an inflated price tag. Don’t settle until you’ve found quality service for a fair price. Do your research; the best of both worlds is out there! For example, Kitchen Solver can offer competitive pricing along with award-winning service because our franchisees have access to great vendors, material discounts, and cost-efficient systems.

Review the company’s background.

Conducting a little research about the home improvement business you’re considering takes no time at all, and it could save you a ton of money. While you don’t need to audit them, a quick scan of reviews, business listings, and media mentions can give you a good idea of their earnings, customer satisfaction rates, and quality of work.

Googling Kitchen Solver’s home improvement business takes all of 3 seconds, and will tell you all you need to know. These are a few of our most recent accreditations:

Get everything in writing.

If there were ever a consumer best practice that applied to every business transaction, this would be it. Get everything your contractor says pertaining to your remodeling project in writing. That includes the initial price quote, contracts, additions, budgetary changes, and agreements made throughout the project. A quality home improvement business will be more than willing to oblige, since contracts will always benefit the honest, detail-oriented party.

You can learn more about Kitchen Solver’s by visiting http://www.kitchensolversfranchise.com.


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