Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Better Home Improvement in 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Better Home Improvement in 2017 Are you looking at starting a kitchen and bath remodeling project in 2017? Today, the Kitchen Solver’s team helps ring in the New Year with 3 tips to save you time and money on your renovation resolution!

  • Make sure that your kitchen is designed with function in mind. The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it’s so important to make sure your design doesn’t prioritize form over function. There’s nothing worse than a kitchen with no flow; it makes daily cooking and cleaning a frustration, which makes it hard to enjoy even the most aesthetically pleasing post-renovation space.When you sit down to plot out your home improvement project, try to remember the “11 Foot Triangle” rule. This simple guideline states that the sink, stove, and refrigerator are within 11 feet of each other altogether. The closer you can put these fixtures to one another, the more efficient your kitchen’s work flow will be. It’s important to know and implement this rule from the beginning stages of your planning, because backtracking here can be extremely expensive.
  • Be careful with wood flooring in the kitchen. Wood flooring in the kitchen is generally not recommended because of its vulnerability to water exposure. If you’ve spent any considerable amount of time in the kitchen, you know that splashes and spills happen every day, despite our best intentions. Dishwasher run-off, boiling pots, and leaky faucets all pose threats to wood flooring options.That said, wooden flooring can work in the kitchen, but it’s important to know what you’re signing up for when you pick this material out of a catalogue. If a lifetime of meticulous upkeep and towel duty sounds viable (or you don’t mind paying for a repair or replacement down the road), go for it!If you are really committed to the idea of wood floors, consider a composite compromise. A member of our kitchen and bath remodeling franchise will be happy to show you a number of alternative materials that match the wood grain aesthetic you want without posing the same risk.Generally speaking, tile, linoleum, and plastic laminate is recommended for kitchens because they’re all so durable and easy to clean.
  • Explore cabinet refacing as a money and time-saving option. Cabinets are typically one of the bigger expenses involved in a kitchen remodeling project, but they don’t have to be. A lot of people end up spending too much because they assume that they need to completely replace their existing set. If your kitchen design doesn’t require relocating the cabinet “box” – that is, the frame that the doors and drawers are attached to – cabinet refacing could save you huge time and money. By reusing large amounts of the existing cabinet structure to mount brand new doors, handles, drawers, and hinges, homeowners can create the look of a full replacement for the fraction of the cost.If you want to learn more about cabinet refacing, please contact a representative from our kitchen and bath remodeling franchise. We build Kitchen Solvers on the back of this service, and saved homeowners thousands of dollars doing it. Get in touch today for a look at our extensive catalogue so that you can achieve the look you want with money to spare!

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