Creating Your Kitchen’s Style with Cabinets

Creating Your Kitchen’s Style with Cabinets

Over the years you’ve probably gathered bits and pieces from several different styles. Now may be the time to stop collecting and create the kitchen you’ve always wanted. How big of a role do cabinets play in the style of a kitchen, and how can you go about using them to enhance this room? There are a few things to consider.


When creating a style for your kitchen, do your research. Look at photos and see what certain styles actually are. People all have a different view of “French” or Modern, for example. Decide if you want a certain look or a mixture. Gather photos of kitchens you like from magazines and see what is common in each of them. You will discover you are drawn to things like stainless steel, natural wood or certain finishes. You will notice you may like a certain style of cabinets, big windows or lack of an island.

Remember, by keeping cabinets, floors and countertops simple, you will have an easier time making style changes in the future, saving you money.

Why Consider Cabinets?

Designers often start with major elements when designing a kitchen, such as cabinets.  Cabinets are usually one of the most permanent and expensive piece of kitchen furniture and most people don’t want to replace the cabinets unless it is really needed.  By deciding the style and color of the cabinets, you are setting a guideline for the rest of the kitchen. It may be easier to match your cabinets to the countertop, than the other way around. Countertops vary more in colors and patterns.


One of the main focuses in a kitchen is the cabinets. A simple way of matching cabinets to your kitchen’s style is to reface them. If your cabinets are still in working condition, refacing is an excellent choice. While refacing the cabinets, you can add or subtract storage space, change the color, finish and even the doors themselves. With refacing you can even change the hardware without tearing down the whole kitchen.


Have a background to show off your cabinets. Create a wall where the cabinets will stand out, or are the main focus. Contrast is the key in any style of kitchen. You can either turn the contrast up, or reduce it to suit the style of your kitchen. Try to match faucet finishes with the hardware.


Here are some common styles of kitchen looks, and what you will often find with them.

Contemporary: Often includes high gloss finishes and fresh colors. Have you cabinets one color and your walls another. Mix and match colors and patterns.

Old World: this type of kitchen calls for antique style cabinets and shades of off white, soft rose, green apple or butter yellow colors.

Country: usually includes high-gloss white cabinets, or distressed wood.

Victorian: you will find natural stains, colors and wood finishes.

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