Creating Cabinet Space in a Small Kitchen

Creating Cabinet Space in a Small Kitchen

We have all heard that rule, no dark colors in small areas. In most cases this rings true, but what about dark cabinets in the kitchen, or dark islands? Sometimes you just need your style and personality to shine though.

Find a professional cabinet refacing company, or a designer who will look past the “style rules” to help you create the kitchen you want. If you decide to have dark-colored cabinets, or a darker paint, there are ways to make your kitchen shine with your personality and look great at the same time. 


In places like that awkward spot between the wall and the refrigerator, you can install a narrow, sliding cabinet. It is a perfect spot to store canned food. Make your island into open cabinets, create a hollow island. These “hollow islands” will be see-through and create more open space. They are great for storing cookbooks and baking dishes.

Remember you can use the outside of your lower cabinets as well. By tastefully adding suitable hanging hooks, you can place those odd-shaped colanders or cutting boards neatly out of the way. The backs of your cabinet doors can also be used fully by adding hanging hooks. Smaller objects should be stored on the back of the doors so you don’t have to worry about weight or falling items.

Low cabinets can also be designed into benches. This allows more seating with a creative twist on storage space. It would be a good place for anything you don’t need on a daily basis.

By Look

Keep in mind that natural lighting, windows, skylights and mirrors make any room seem larger.

When you decide to change your kitchen, plan which cabinets (if not all) will be dark. There are ways to visually increase space in For example, by using dark cabinets on an island, you can have the island fade into the surrounding kitchen. This helps make the kitchen look bigger. Another idea is to use glass on the dark cabinet doors. It gives a visual of more space and adds light. You can also use frosted or etched glass to suit your styles and kitchen. These options still give a lighter look to the cabinets. Light colored walls help.

Open shelving helps to create openness and space in a small kitchen, while eliminating what some may think is a traditional cabinet’s “bulky box.”

There is no rule saying you can’t mix dark and light in the kitchen. Dark cabinets and light counters can go well together when you incorporate the countertop color into the cabinets.  How can you do that? Refacing your cabinets is an affordable way to update your kitchen’s style and give your cabinets a new look. This is also a wonderful option when you can’t rearrange your kitchen to make more space and you have to deal with what you have. Without having to do a full tear out of your small kitchen, you will save time and mess by refacing your cabinets.

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