6 Space-Saving Tips for Better Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage Tips

Saving space in the kitchen is never a bad thing. Beyond giving you more room to cook, work, and entertain, trying new storage solutions gives you a chance to refresh the space without the hassle of a full remodel.

With that in mind, Kitchen Solver’s home improvement franchise has put together 6 space-saving tips – what you do with all the room is up to you!

QUICK FIXES: Instant, Easy, and Free Space-Savers 

  • Clean as you go and purge often. When it comes to kitchen storage, clutter is one of the most common issues that our home improvement franchise owners come across. Clutter is easy to accumulate, so one of the simplest space-saving tricks you’ll learn is to clean as you go. Keeping your counter tops clear of dirty pots and dishes is one of the best things you can do to keep your kitchen organization plan
    Getting comfortable with purging items is also crucial. Kitchen gadgets and mismatched tupperware can really pile up quickly, so be diligent about getting rid of unused items (and return those dishes to your friends and family!).
  • Put oven space on double-duty. Roomy ovens are great for cooking big family meals, but they can double as discreet storage space for baking sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins and other large cookware that would otherwise eat up valuable cabinet space.
  • Store pots and pans up high. While it’s never a good idea to build wobbly towers of pots and pans, we do recommend storing these larges items up high. Homeowners with cabinets that don’t run directly to the ceiling typically have loads of overhead space that can accommodate bulky items that’d otherwise dominate your cabinets. Keep a sturdy stool or chair handy if these spaces are out of reach.

EASY STORAGE SOLUTIONS: Affordable storage solutions from the pros.

If you have a budget to work with, these professional storage solutions add serious space and efficiency.

  • Build your own pantry. Most cabinet clutter problems can be solved with a pantry. These don’t have to be fancy, either; you can find cheap or free wooden wardrobes on most online classified listings. A simple pantry set up will free up all the space being taken up by your dried goods, extra dishes, coffee pots, and baking tools.
    If you are looking for more serious pantries that can be custom-fit to your kitchen space in a way that actually creates more space than it consumes, check our home improvement franchise’s exclusive inventory. Pantry rollouts and base cabinet pullouts can be installed in less than a day.
  • Install hooks where possible. Having a hook near the sink for the dish cloth is pretty common, but there’s no reason we should stop there. Adding hooks around the kitchen where possible makes frequently used items like spatulas, strainers, oven mitts, and even pots and pans handy to grab, and frees up more precious drawer space.
  • Add a Lazy Susan. Lazy Susans are the classic rotating trays that make it easy to grab commonly used food items without having to dig through cabinets. These aren’t restricted to deep cabinets, either. Try one out on a counter or inside the pantry to add space and increase efficiency. 

Looking for more storage solutions? Contact our home improvement franchise to find out what we can do for you! http://kitchensolvers.com/services/storage-solutions/


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