Do I Have What It Takes to Start a Home Improvement Franchise

Do I Have What It Takes to Start a Home Improvement Franchise

The bath and kitchen remodeling industry is booming as always, with analysts estimating its growth to be around $300 billion in 2016. The bath and kitchen market stayed strong through multiple recessions, and has allowed hundreds of Americans to realize their dreams of owning a successful business via the Kitchen Solvers system.

Today, prospective business owners are clamoring to take part in this highly profitable industry, and opening a Home improvement franchise is a great way to get started. That said, home improvement franchises aren’t for everyone; success requires a particular blend of positive attitude, hard work, and winning personality. Do you have what it takes?

In this post, we outline some of the prerequisites to successful home improvement franchise ownership, and offer a profile of a perfect candidate for the Kitchen Solvers team. Read on and see how you stack up!

3 Traits of a Good Home improvement Franchisee

At Kitchen Solvers, we offer a polished and proven training system that can bring anyone up to speed on what it takes to be successful. This makes our franchise pool extremely inclusive, and a great fit for handy people, even when their marketing, management, and customer service skills are underdeveloped. That said, skills are always easier to develop than attitudinal adjustments are to make. These are some of the character traits that make for a successful home improvement franchise owner.

  • Many of your customers are going to have stories about bad experiences with other contractors, and they’ll usually boil down to one thing: unreliability. Whether they show up late (or not at all), or make off with the down payment, shady contractors do a lot of harm to our industry, and the fact is that many customers will contact you with their guard up. They need to trust that you’re reliable, competent, and honest before they will commit to a costly renovation project. You can show your clients that you’re reliable in many different ways; show up on time, finish your project in the timeline you quoted, and shoot straight when you’re pricing materials and services. The more reliable you are, the more satisfied your customer is going to be, which feels good and gets you referrals!
  • Teamwork skills. Many people want to get involved with a home improvement franchise because they’re sick of following orders. While having a strong vision and ability to work independently is important, franchise systems depend on teamwork skills and coachability. What makes our home improvement franchise system’s brand so strong is the consistency of the service we offer, and that’s only possible when everyone is working out of the same playbook. If you are not willing to follow the franchise system and accept coaching from your franchisor, a Kitchen Solvers home improvement franchise might not be for you.
  • Passion for design. Though you don’t need to have a background in carpentry, marketing, design, or construction to get your start with our home improvement franchise, you should love design and renovation. Clients will depend on you to offer inspired input during the design and planning process, and that simply isn’t possible if you don’t love what you do.

Beyond these three traits, anything is possible! Visit to learn about home improvement franchise life, training details, and market opportunities!

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