The Best Skills and Attitudes for a Home Improvement Franchise Owner

The Best Skills and Attitudes for a Home Improvement Franchise Owner

The Kitchen Solvers Franchise family has a great coaching system that allows people of virtually any background to be successful with their home improvement franchise. Our skill training includes:

  • Installation coaching. As a home improvement franchise owner, you’re going to be looked to as a renovation authority, even if your involvement is limited to the design stage. Fortunately, our franchise system training process makes it easy for people of all backgrounds to get up to speed. Our in-depth installation training and ongoing support services keep Kitchen Solvers Franchise owners on the cutting edge of carpentry, renovations, and construction. We start with one week of hands-on training led by seasoned trainers with over two decades of cabinet refacing and installation experience. New franchisees often continue their learning in the field under the watchful eye of a highly qualified installation specialist. If you’re ever stuck on the job, ongoing installation support is only ever a phone call away.
  • Broaden your business horizons and polish your approach with the Platinum Sales Process. Kitchen Solvers franchisees adopt a unique selling system that has been built around the wants of our customers for over 35 years. While most home improvement franchises sell for the sake of moving product and earning commission, our franchisees are trained to develop meaningful partnerships with every single client. We listen, consult, guide, coach, and educate our customers, empowering them to realize their home improvement dreams while staying within a predetermined budget. In doing so, we stay motivated to give every job our best, and the client comes away from the experience ready to refer you to their friends and family! Our training program focuses a considerable amount of time on the Platinum Sales Process, but the learning doesn’t stop when your doors open for business. As with our installation coaching, sales coaches are available at all times to help you secure the best outcome for all parties involved.
  • Learn long-term business planning with the Franchise Vision Plan (FVP). Some people never realize their home improvement franchise ownership dreams because they were too concerned with their lack of long term business planning experience. Don’t let this happen to you: the Kitchen Solvers franchise makes it easy to set goals, find quality investments, and coordinate expansions with the Franchise Vision Plan. The FVP is a detailed description of what your business and personal life should look like today, tomorrow, and in ten years. We build synergy with your long and short-term business goals to set you up for success, with or without preexisting business training.

Our training sets home improvement franchise owners up for success regardless of their skill level, but the onus is on you to come with the right learning attitude. These are the learning skills and attitudes that a successful Kitchen Solvers Franchisee will need:

  • Perseverance – starting any business takes grit, whether or not you have a supportive franchise system behind you.
  • Coachability– Home improvement franchise success depends on your ability to follow our proven business system. If you’re a single-minded entrepreneur, you will not enjoy your time with our franchise family!
  • Humility – Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: it’s all a part of learning! Getting the most out of our on-the-job training under veteran installation experts requires a degree of humility, especially if the client is home, so embrace the learning process and enjoy being a student of the game!

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