6 Secrets to a Stress-Free Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

6 Secrets to a Stress-Free Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Today’s post is all about making your next big kitchen or bathroom remodel a stress-free experience. This is something we’re passionate about at Kitchen Solvers. Our business is built on the idea of the Pleasant Remodeling Experience, which means:

  • An enjoyable collaborative experience that leads to an impressive final product
  • Respecting your home as if it were our own
  • Patient and precise process consultation for results that fit your needs, wants, and budget
  • Large selection of products and a one-stop shop for remodeling services
  • Clear and responsive communication from start to finish

No matter which contractor, small business, or handy man franchise you choose, our goal with today’s post is to help you create a “pleasant remodeling experience” of your own. So without further ado, here’s 6 secrets to a stress-free kitchen or bathroom remodel.

  • Take advantage of free advice–wherever you have to get it! At Kitchen Solvers, the ongoing collaboration with our clients is one of the best parts of the job. It’s creative problem solving, customer service, innovative design, and hands-on, feel-good work rolled all into one. We love “talking shop” and encourage all our clients to take full advantage.If you’re working with a company that’s less keen on giving free advice, you can always visit large home improvement centers or even online forums for help. You can also visit our Design Visualizer to get ideas and a free design.
  • Set your budget from day one–and stand by it! This can be a big challenge for homeowners with no experience with remodeling, but that’s why it’s so important to choose a trustworthy company and go into your consultation with total honesty and transparency. Raising the matter of your budget constraints two weeks into the project usually means a choice between half-finished features or massive overspending. The sooner you mention your budgetary constraints, the better.
  • Avoid an identity crisis. Resist the urge to redo a ranch from the 1950s as a contemporary cook space. Every home is built with a certain architectural style. While you do have some wiggle room with every space, and many innovative solutions are out there, dramatic overhauls like these end up costing too much time and money. And the end result might make your kitchen feel like a piece of somebody else’s home, rather than the heart of yours.Once again, the solution here really comes down to nailing the planning and consultation phase. Whether you need to do the research and planning yourself or can leave it up to the remodeler depends on what company you choose for the job.
  • Stay apprised of trends. “Trendy” can feel like a dirty word in some circles, but staying on top of the latest technological trends can help you find inexpensive, eco-friendly versions of the hottest looks.
  • Plan around your plumbing. Moving water and gas lines to accommodate the reconfiguration of sinks, stoves, ovens, or dishwashers is instantly going to take the cost of your remodeling project to another level. This is especially true in older homes. Try to plan around pipe-connected elements instead.
  • Don’t toss out existing cabinetry. If your current cabinets have strong “bones,” you’re in luck. Refacing your cabinets–basically applying a new veneer over the existing surface of the body and replacing the hinges, handles, and drawer pulls–is way cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a full-on replacement, and the results are practically indistinguishable.

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