3 Reasons to Jump On a Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity

3 Reasons to Jump On a Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity

Today’s post spotlights 3 market and lifestyle factors that make our home improvement franchise opportunity so great.

The Home Improvement Market is Booming

A recent report by the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies valued the kitchen and bath remodeling industry at more than $300 billion for the first time in history. By Q2 of 2018, that number was at $324, with an annual growth rate of 7.1%. Current projections for Q1 of 2019 estimate total spending around $339-billion, and this upward trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

What underlies this sustained market growth when so many other industries falter?

It’s a difficult question with a multi-factorial answer, but many have pointed to the home improvement industry’s inherent resilience (since everybody needs a home), as well as the recent growth of the senior population. Indeed, with 1 and 5 Americans due to age past 65 by 2030, the majority of whom have gathered large nest eggs they’re willing to spend in order to comfortably “age in place,” home improvement franchise opportunities have never looked better. With a huge number American seniors set to retire in 2018, homeowners will be looking to spruce up their living spaces to get the most out of their Golden Years.

The home improvement industry is also prone to repeat customers. After all, kitchen and bathroom spaces tend to get a lot of usage, which means they can take quite a beating over time. And styles are always changing, now faster than ever before.

Additionally, the home improvement industry is being bolstered by a surge of demand for eco-friendly materials. For some industries, the rise of eco-friendly social consciousness has forced costly overhauls to their process and product – think about the automotive industry’s shift towards hybrid cars, for example. But for home improvement companies like ours, the only adjustment we had to make was to find those in-demand green products, then let the business roll in!

Our Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity Promotes Job Satisfaction

The journal of Management Research & Practice identified the following factors of job satisfaction based on a comprehensive literature review:

  • Working conditions must be conducive to happiness and health. At Kitchen Solvers, you are your own boss, with the option to run your company out of the home or at a brick-and-mortar location. Your daily duties typically alternate between sales and design consultations with excited customers, and rewarding installation work with the help of a team of like-minded individuals.
  • Compensation must be worthwhile. As we discussed, the industry is booming, and you can read about how much our franchisees make here.
  • Social relationships should be rewarding. That’s why our home improvement franchise opportunity brings with it exciting opportunities to network with fellow franchisees, collaborate daily with your sales and installation team, and sit down regularly with ecstatic customers.
  • Perceived long-range opportunities are important to stop you feeling like you’ve plateaued. Our home improvement franchise opportunity has no ceiling for growth, so that your hard work will always pay off to the fullest.

Our Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity is More Affordable than the Competition

Our home improvement franchise opportunity is available for as little as $65,765, which includes all you’ll need prior to opening, including up to $25,000 of liquid capital held in reserve. You can view an itemized list of our startup costs at https://kitchensolversfranchise.com/research-kitchen-solvers/what-are-the-start-up-costs/

Learn more about our home improvement franchise opportunity – call 608-615-7399 to book your free consultation.


Aziri, B. (2011). Job satisfaction: A literature review. Management Research & Practice, 3(4).


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