Top Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends for 2018

Top Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends for 2018

Today’s post spotlights some of the top trends in kitchen and bath remodeling for 2018. Read on to learn 5 fresh takes on kitchen and bathrooms spaces, as well as who to call once you’ve been inspired!

  • The rise of “smart” kitchen accessories.

    As we continue to incorporate technology into every facet of our lives, it only makes sense that kitchens would get a little high-tech. In 2018, expect to see many homes built with smart technology from the ground-up. But even older homes will see several new ways to integrate smart home technology into the kitchen and bathroom using a variety of sensors, mobile-syncing, and new gadgetry.

    Smart lighting and appliance upgrades, ranging from automatic coffees makers and phone-controlled lightning to artificially-intelligent fridges that can tell you when it’s time to go grocery shopping, will be particularly popular this year.

    For more information on what smart products are available, and how these can be integrated into your kitchen or bathroom, get in touch with a member of our team

  • Hidden functionality.

    If you’ve partnered with our kitchen and bath remodeling team previously, you know the extent of our sneaky storage solutions, which can open up new space and functionality in your kitchen that you never knew you had (and that your guests will never know is there!). This trend of hidden functionality is sweeping the industry. Today, many homeowners want a minimalist, open-concept look that makes the most of “negative space.
    To achieve this look, the clutter of kitchen gadgets and utensils needs to be tucked away.

    Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise offers a wide range of options that conform to this concept. Lower cabinets can be designed to house pull-out trash cans; nooks can hide blenders, coffee makers, and other countertop clutter; and pantries are being overhauled to open up shelving space. You can scroll through some of our sly storage ideas and clever cabinetry solutions at

  • Pendant lighting.

    Pendant lighting is a great design option for those going for a contemporary look, and it’s the perfect complement to your kitchen island. There are several different styles you can choose when hanging your pendant lighting, depending on how you want to play with visual layering in the foreground of your kitchen space. Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling team offers thousands of styles and designs to choose from, and will help you find the style that suits your vision.

  • Open shelving.

    Open shelving has been picking up steam since mid-2017, as homeowners celebrate the idea of creating larger atmosphere for their smaller kitchens. Best of all, this idea is super cheap relative to other kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, though it does require a certain amount of organizational and storage expertise to pull off without looking cluttered.

  • The “industrial look.”

    Industrial aesthetics have been gaining steam for some time. These polished designs are extremely popular for open floor plans. Common touches include exposed brick, dark-colored cabinets and trim, and concrete countertops. Stainless steel appliances pair particularly well with this hyper-modern look.

Which of these design trends resonated with you? If you’re ready to bring your home up to date, get in touch with a member of our kitchen and bath remodeling team to start exploring your options at


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