Speed Up Your Remodeling Project: 5 Tips From a Refacing Kitchen Franchise

Refacing Kitchen Franchise

In today’s post, our refacing kitchen franchise shares 5 tips to speed up your next remodeling project:

  • Beware of amateur assistants. Friends and family may want to help. And you’ll save money if you let them.
    But be careful! Not only can their contributions interfere with your contractor’s plan; they could even set you back. In most cases, work done by friends and family will fall well below the standard you’re paying for and need to be fixed.
  • Have all your materials on hand – or easily within reach. Ideally, you want to assemble all of your materials before you begin your project. Some homeowners make the mistake of getting caught up in the excitement and diving into kitchen and bathroom demolition before the light fixtures, tubs, toilets, tile, and faucets have arrived. In doing so, they hamstring one of the two most functionally important rooms in the home, and put their project at the mercy of vendor and manufacturer timelines.That said, it’s not always possible or even preferable to stockpile materials before you begin. Some people simply don’t have the storage for that to be feasible; others prefer to take small bites out of a big project rather than taking it all on at all.

    In these cases, do your best to keep materials easily within reach, whether that means securing some storage space in a family member’s garage, placing an order on hold, or scouting out exactly what you want from the local home hardware store in advance.

    If you decide to work with our refacing kitchen franchise, this step will be taken care of the moment you pick your new kitchen or bathroom piece. Our clients enjoy exclusive catalogue access and supply chains that are both speedy and secure.

  • Get everyone up to speed on the schedule. Make sure that the contractors you’re working with give you a firm schedule, and make every effort to disseminate this information to the rest of your team. This will not only help you plan in the long term, but will give you a tool to gauge the progress and productivity of your workforce.Admittedly, this isn’t easy with a lot of modern kitchen remodeling arrangements. Getting different work teams, designers, contractors, and suppliers on the same timeline can be a truly tall task.

    And that’s exactly why our refacing kitchen franchise offers such a Pleasant Remodeling Experience. When you work with our refacing kitchen franchise, you speak directly to a single, centralized point of contact, rather than having to keep tabs on a group of independent subcontractors. This saves serious time and stress.

  • Ensure your permits are in place. Countless homeowners have had their remodeling projects held up because they lacked the necessary permits for the changes in plumbing, electrical work, and heating their plans require. Try to get all permits pulled and approved before you start your remodeling project.If you’re unsure about which permits your remodeling project requires, contact a representative from our refacing kitchen franchise for a quick and easy consultation.
  • Steer clear of mid-project change-ups. Sometimes you just have to change the plan, but understand that every deviation is going to cost you time and money. When you start making big changes – like tearing down walls or putting the sink somewhere else – you start a domino effect that can drag your project out weeks past the deadline.Our refacing kitchen franchise takes the planning stages seriously. We listen to what you want out of your remodel and support your vision from day one to avoid these kinds of costly change-ups.

Find more remodeling tips from our refacing kitchen franchise at https://www.kitchensolversfranchise.com.


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