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Kitchen Solvers Franchisee, Sara Baumann

Kitchen Solvers Franchisee, Sara Baumann

Kitchen Solvers: Cabinet Refacing Business Opportunity

While a lot of people with construction experience have found great success by becoming Kitchen Solvers franchisees, you don’t have to be an experienced craftsman to be a successful Kitchen Solvers owner.

Many of our franchisees, like Sarah Baumann of Eau Claire, WI., don’t have construction backgrounds. What she does have is a passion for kitchen design, a desire to help people improve their homes and a talent for putting customers at ease and earning their trust.

Baumann thinks that being a woman helps put her customers at ease.

Sara Baumann quote

“People are more likely to trust a woman to have good design skills and to understand the best way to redo a kitchen,” she said. “I’m still working on the craftsman skill end of things, but I gain a little knowledge from each job that I go on.”

“If you had told me two years ago that I’d be doing this, I would have told said, you were crazy. I didn’t have a particular passion for cabinets,” Baumann said. “I had been staying at home with my kids, and I had been talking to a gal at the Y about her business. She’s a meeting planner. My degree is in marketing and I asked if she wanted a part-time person to work from home. Then a neighbor told me about this opportunity and said he thought it could be a really good thing.”

She bought the Eau Claire franchise in June 2011, and says it took her a little time to get up to speed — but she had booked $80,000 worth of jobs through the first 2½ months of 2012.

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William Newkirk and Shane Svarczkopf, by contrast, have been running the Kitchen Solvers franchise in Clearwater, FL., for since 2009. These brothers have seen tremendous growth in the Clearwater market since entering the organization, and their hard work and passion to deliver a superior customer experience have allowed them to become the top Kitchen Solvers franchise in terms of sales.

Shane Svarczkopf and William Newkirk, Kitchen Solvers of the Gulf Coast

Shane Svarczkopf and William Newkirk, Kitchen Solvers of the Gulf Coast

Newkirk said that he thinks the keys to success are having strong people skills, being willing to follow the system, being creative, having a passion for design, being driven to succeed, having strong organizational skills, and being willing to market and network. The kitchen remodeling industry is a fantastic opportunity for anybody that has a desire for both remodeling and helping people but also is a great chance for those with either larger construction businesses wanting to scale back, or those already in the home services industry looking to add to their service line-up.

The Kitchen Solvers Franchise system has been a great fit for us

My partner and I had construction knowledge but didn’t know how to run a company. Kitchen Solvers corporate gave us the tools and direction we needed to be up and running in no time. From training & websites to vendors & back end processes we had everything we needed to succeed.”

One such family that sought to scale back their custom home building business while planning a move from North Carolina to Punta Gorda, FL were Kim and Jim Blanton.  The Blanton’s opened up their first Kitchen Solvers location in 2017 in Punta Gorda, FL and in their first full year of business were able to achieve sales over $1 million.  They were able to leverage their many years of experience to hit the ground running.  Since then, the Blanton’s have opened up their second showroom in Bonita Springs, FL in 2019 with further expansion planned for the Sarasota market.

The Blanton’s describe their experience with Kitchen Solvers as such:

“We invested a lot up front into our business by deciding to open a state-of-the-art showroom/design studio right from the beginning. This meant we had to get up and running quickly so we could cover our overhead for the showroom and our initial staffing. With the help and support of the operations and marketing team, we were able to start signing contracts very soon after opening. At one home show, we even had one of our competitors who had been in business over 20 years ask how we had gotten to the top of the internet search listings so fast being a new company.

Kim and Jim Blanton, Kitchen Solvers of Southwest Florida

Kim and Jim Blanton, Kitchen Solvers of Southwest Florida

Jim and I built luxury homes for 20 years, however, the remodeling industry is a whole different animal. The Kitchen Solvers team have been with us every step of the way with advice, best practices, and coaching to keep us on track. With our home building company, we had to build all the systems and infrastructure from scratch, so it was a relief to have much of this groundwork and initial legwork is done for us.

We look forward to working with the Kitchen Solvers team to further increase our margins and improve our bottom line as we grow. The support and analysis Kitchen Solvers has provided have been invaluable in guiding our growth strategy.

After having an independent business in the past and a franchise one now, we are happy that we made the choice to not go it alone this time around.”

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