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Most franchise systems offer about two weeks of training. You get a quick rundown of the business, some operations manuals and a pat on the back. Good luck!

Kitchen Solvers believes that franchisees deserve a whole lot more.

We offer two months of training before a franchise opens — and the training isn’t canned. Franchisees have different strengths and weaknesses, so we take an individualized approach. Everyone will learn the basics, but training is tailored to franchisees’ strengths and weaknesses. If you’re an experienced craftsman who lacks sales experience, we can work with you on sales techniques. If you don’t have a lot of management experience, we can work with you on business operations and personnel management. If you are a professional with a flair for design but no construction experience, we can help get you up to speed on the ins-and-outs of kitchen remodeling.

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One major aspect is sales training.

Kitchen Solvers President Zach Nolte says that making sales is about delivering customers an experience that puts them at ease. Remember: Customers are often intimidated by the prospect of a kitchen remodel. One of the first things you should do is build trust.

Instead, a lot of contractors immediately put customers on the defensive by making their first question: “How much do you have to spend?”

When a customer hears that question, she’s likely to think, “They want to know how best to suck money from my checkbook…”

Henley works with franchisees on how to build rapport with customers, whether the customer is just starting to think about kitchen remodeling or is planning to pull the trigger.

Kitchen Solvers also trains all of its franchisees to use FranConnect®, an online customer relationship management tool that makes it easy to track and market to sales prospects, track and manage job leads, then view details about completed jobs and past customers.

Franchisees also get extensive coaching on how to use QuickBooks for accounting.

The two weeks of training is focused on how best to launch the franchise. Director of Marketing and Advertising Troy Boelke works with franchisees to develop an initial marketing plan that lasts a full year.

Ongoing support includes aggressive vendor negotiations by Kitchen Solvers President Zach Nolte, sales training and advice from Director of Operations David Kish, advertising and marketing support from Boelke, and computer support from the Home Office Team.

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