How to Start a Home Improvement Franchise: 4 Key Operational Tips

How to Start a Home Improvement Franchise- 4 Key Operational Tips

Today’s post shares 4 fundamental operational tips to help home improvement franchise start-ups build their business and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Establish clear role assignments and channels of communication. Since renovation success often hinges on the coordination between different subcontractors and employees, the most efficient home improvement franchises have adopted a pseudo-military structure where roles are clearly designated and a “general” is named. While you won’t need any drill sergeant-style hollering to make your business work, a clear “line of command” goes a long way when trying to clear important decisions on a tight timeline. It’s also helpful to borrow the military’s “briefing” and “debriefing” methodology to ensure that the entire time is on the same page from start to finish.In this regard, Kitchen Solvers’ Franchise is one step ahead of the game. Our platinum sales process and installation training lays out a simple, streamlined process covering every detail, so that each member of the team knows exactly what they’re responsible for, and who’s in charge, at all times. In doing so, we give our franchisees the process hacks and know-how needed to increase their job turnover rate while still exceeding the highest standards of customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline and automate back-office tasks with quality software. Though much of your daily focus will be on customers and kitchens in the real world, there are many virtual business benefits to be had by using the right office software. Choosing the right CMS, bookkeeping program, or marketing platform can automate daily tasks that would take time away from clients and kitchen designs, and will give you a serious leg up on companies who insist on old-school, manual data entry and promotion.Kitchen Solvers equips all franchisees with state-of-the-art software to streamline and automate marketing, bookkeeping, and branding. And unlike software purchased independently, we offer full user tutorials and support to ensure you are as comfortable and confident behind the keyboard as you are in the kitchen.
  • Develop authoritative product awareness. Lack of product and design knowledge is typically one of the biggest roadblocks potential clients see standing between them and their kitchen dreams, and also why they’ll be seeking your expertise. Thus, in order for you to be able to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and to be recognized as a company whose tastes are “in vogue,” you’ll need to know which products stand the test of time, and which wacky trends to avoid.To develop this authoritative knowledge of products, styles, and material options, Kitchen Solvers’ franchisees undergo extensive design training. Our franchisees also work closely with a network of exclusive vendors whose insights and inventory make a real difference. Finally, our franchise family encourages design collaborations to help you break through any creative barriers and pinpoint the perfect products for your clientele.
  • Remind yourself of growth goals every day. While it’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of running a home improvement business, keeping your big-picture goals in focus is key. Failing to do so can mean accepting an ill-advised project for short-term profit, or overspending on a marketing campaign trying to force results that take time. In either case, the end result means compromising big-picture progress for short-term gain, which is a fast-track to failure in this industry.Before you start to tweak your operational processes, take some time to set long-term business goals, then consider how your vision changes your daily approach. One of our first tasks for new franchisees involves establishing the Franchise Vision Plan (FPV), which lays out a roadmap for your success over the next 5 to 10 years. Everybody’s goals are different, but they all have a tremendous impact on the way an individual franchisee structures their workweek, staffing, and marketing.

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