A Systems Approach to Remodeling Business Success – Understanding the Kitchen Solver’s Franchise Advantage


A Systems Approach to Remodeling Business Success - Understanding the Kitchen Solver's Franchise Advantage

If you’ve been thinking about getting involved with a remodeling business, now’s the time!

Coming out of a recent recession with the realty market looking as unpredictable as ever, more and more Americans have decided to settle into their homes to ride out the storm. And while that may be bad news for the realty world, it’s a big break for remodeling business owners across the country. Any time homeowners decide to stay where they are, their interest in home improvement projects spikes up. It’s not hard to see why; hiring a remodeling business to give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift is one of the best ways to spruce up your living space, even as it builds the value of your home. When it does come time to sell, hiring a remodeling business really pays off, contributing an average of 5-10% more to the final sale price according to realty market experts (Goetzmann& Spiegel, 1995; Potepan, 1989).

So you know it’s a good time to get started with a remodeling business, but how do you go about it?

Self-Starting Your Remodeling Business

Starting a remodeling business from scratch is no easy task. Before you open your doors for business, you’ll need to find and lease a location, secure your tools and materials from reputable vendors, acquire signage, and work your way through a startling amount of paperwork. This is all assuming that you’re operating a sole proprietorship, and that you require no training in construction, marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, sales, or design. If that’s not the case, you’ll need to worry about staffing and skills development, too. This is all paid for out of your pocket long before the business generates a single cent in profitable returns.

But that’s not all; self-starter remodeling businesses also need to build a local reputation. Gaining the trust of the consumer and community is especially important in the remodeling industry, as a day’s work involves entering into somebody’s home. Remodeling boom or not, until you’ve built a solid reputation in your area, you can expect your sales to drag a bit.

For many people, self-starting a remodeling business is not the best path to success. Many business close their doors before a single customer has walked through them.

Fortunately, there’s a better option.

A Systems Approach to Remodeling Business Success

At Kitchen Solvers, we understand the value of taking a systems approach to setting up, operating, and expanding your remodeling business. We take the guesswork out of your business venture, giving franchisees access to the proven processes that have helped guide our brand representatives to success for decades. The Kitchen Solvers advantage includes:

  • The Franchise Vision Plan(FVP) – the FVP is all about building a roadmap for your success. Some small business owners neglect to set short and long-term goals; the FVP gives you “big picture” details to make your 5 and 10-year vision a reality.
  • The Kitchen Solvers Business System – a strategically defined planning process that incorporates a Breakeven Analysis, performance indicator assessment, and lead generation action plan to meet the goals your FVP laid out.
  • KBizPro– A state-of-the-art marketing platform that helps generate leads and builds your bottom line by incorporating a number of marketing tools into one efficient, user-friendly system.
  • Much, much more! Visit https://kitchensolversfranchise.com/the-kitchen-solvers-advantage/ to learn more about our systems approach to remodeling business success.


Goetzmann, W. N., & Spiegel, M. (1995). Non-temporal components of residential real estate appreciation. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 199-206.

Potepan, M. J. (1989). Interest rates, income, and home improvement decisions. Journal of Urban Economics, 25(3), 282-294.


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