Top New Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

Top New Trends in Kitchen Remodeling As everybody knows, trends are constantly changing, whether we’re talking restaurants, clothes, or kitchens. As the potential owner of your very own Kitchen Remodeling Franchise, it’s important to stay on top of the latest kitchen design trends. These are just a few of the latest must-haves for newly remodelled kitchens. As well as being informative, hopefully this list will get you excited about the possibilities of kitchen design, a creatively and financially rewarding art.

Hardwood Floors

You can never go wrong with hardwood floors, but these days, as appliances get ever more sleek and modern-looking, with either a stainless steel finish or solid black or white colour scheme, a beautiful hardwood floor is a perfect counterpoint. They make the whole kitchen feel more natural, they feel great underfoot, and they look elegant and cultured. As an added bonus, thanks to their smoothness, they are much easier to clean than a tile floor.

Smart Kitchens

It goes without saying that in 2018, smart kitchens are the way to go. Microwaves, ovens, climate control, and even automated pet feeders can all be hooked up to the internet these days, giving homeowners unprecedented control over their kitchen, without even having to get out of bed! These features are pretty much essential for a kitchen today.

Pet-Friendly Kitchen

It’s no secret that people love their pets, and the kitchen is an important place to make the little guys feel at home. It’s most likely where they eat their meals, and it’s where they follow you around for hours while you cook, hoping you’ll accidentally – or maybe not! – drop a little morsel for them. Automated feeding stations are a popular addition to a modern smart kitchen, but you might also consider a space under a counter for a dog to sleep, or a larger-than-usual window ledge where a cat can sleep in the sun.

Creative Use of Storage Space

With more and more gadgets and appliances becoming a necessary addition to a complete kitchen, optimizing the amount of storage space in a kitchen is a must. That’s why a top trend this year goes beyond having a plentiful amount of cupboards lining the kitchen walls. Instead, you can place hidden, narrow cupboards in the otherwise inaccessible nooks between appliances, perfect for spices or tea. Kitchen islands should never be wasted by not including cupboard space within them. Think creatively about space and everybody who uses the kitchen will thank you for it.

Fancy Handles

It’s no longer in to try to hide your cupboards – now, it’s all about accentuating them with a statement handle. Where most kitchen trends tend toward minimalism and sleek modernism, cupboard handles are an area where you can feel free to go classic, or even ornate. Think of it like a frame on a painting: no, it’s not the most important thing about the kitchen, but if it’s well chosen, it’ll go a long way to making the whole thing work that much better. If any of these ideas got you excited about designing your own kitchens, go ahead and give Kitchen Solvers a call and find out if owning a Kitchen Remodeling Franchise is a good option for you.


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