5 Things to Consider Before your Kitchen Remodeling Project: How Kitchen Solvers Franchise Can Help

5 Things to Consider Before your Kitchen Remodeling Project: How Kitchen Solvers Franchise Can Help Pursuing your kitchen remodeling project with Kitchen Solvers Franchisees is an exciting time for all involved. Your family will be teeming with excitement to see their new living and lounging space, your Kitchen Solvers consultants will be impassioned by the challenges offered by a new project, and you will be counting down the days until newfound functionality and financial value are yours to enjoy! Before you charge into your kitchen remodeling project, there are several important factors beyond basic pricing obligations and style selection that you must consider. Home owners will need to manage their excitement long enough to think about how to responsibly dispose of used materials, adhere to municipal laws, and also keep the neighbors from getting too bothered by the builders. There are innumerable factors to consider before launching into your remodeling project, but fortunately Kitchen Solvers Franchise owners are here to help, and have provided five tips about what to consider before committing yourself, and your primary living space, to a construction and remodeling project. This level of planning is certainly beyond the scope of a basic five-point checklist, but it represents a strong start, and will be the first of many pieces of advice that Kitchen Solvers Franchise is willing to help with along the way. Consider your contractors and permits.  There are a troubling number of stories circulating through communities about shady contractors feigning their way through a hard day’s work, only to run off with your investment money and leave you stranded with a half-finished job. The home is one of the most significant investments that an individual will make in their life, and so it becomes extremely important to choose the right people to entrust your property to. Kitchen Solvers Franchisees have a decades-strong reputation as highly-committed kitchen-quality experts, and with countless positive reviews and success stories available online, are a smart choice for your remodeling needs. Why put your home in the hands of an untrustworthy professional, whose level of training is as thorough as they decide to tell you? Kitchen Solvers Franchisees are vetted professionals who have endured extensive training and come out on the other side as industry-leaders. Before you begin any construction projects, you will need to obtain all required permits. You can find these at your city’s planning department, where a city representative can guide you. Make sure that you are honest and thorough through every step of the process, or you risk jeopardizing your family and home with the threat of legislative backlash. Kitchen Solvers Franchisees have dealt with permits in all manner of situation, and can act as your advisers as you work your way through the permit process. Consider your Neighbors Remodeling jobs can generate quite a bit of noise-pollution, and potentially pen your neighbors into their driveways due to the steady influx of delivery trucks, dump trucks, and contractors. It is important to ensure all work being done falls within your municipal bylaws regarding “quiet hours,” and equally important to keep a positive relationship with your neighbors. Be considerate, and try not to generate noise during quiet hours. Kitchen Solvers Franchisees are known to get the job done fast, minimizing the risk of this problem. Consider your demolition requirements.  The demolition requirements of a kitchen remodeling can vary relative to the extent of change you are pursuing in your project, but it almost always requires more thought and care than that which a sledge-hammer-wielding novice can provide. Improper demolition can be very unsafe, and also put your water supply, electricity, and building materials at risk. Demolition is not an area where you should aim to cut costs, and Kitchen Solvers Franchisees are happy to take on this aspect of the remodeling process. They will ensure that utilities are undamaged, and that load-bearing walls remain in tact, while also providing a stunning refacing to rejuvenate the look of your kitchen space. Consider your disposal strategy.  Landfills are rapidly running out of space, so it is always a good idea to check your city directories for used building supply buyers before loading up your car for a dump-run. You will also need to find out how to dispose old and potentially asbestos-ridden flooring and insulation, if you are remodeling in an older home. Consider your style and flow.  Depending on your talents and sensibilities, selecting the design of your new kitchen space can either be the most enjoyable, or most stressful part of any remodeling effort. In either case, Kitchen Solvers Franchisees can help. Many of our representatives come from design backgrounds and would be happy to lend their flair, but even those from different vocations will have had extensive training, familiarity with material details, and experience navigating lengthy selection catalogs.


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