Kitchen Remodeling Tips: Reconciling Common Design Trade-Offs

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Today’s post is all about common design trade-offs that homeowners think they have to make to deliver a quality, budget-friendly remodel. But we’re here to show you otherwise. Read on to learn how Kitchen Solvers gets you the best of both worlds.

High-Quality vs. High-Speed

Kitchen remodeling projects will inevitably disrupt your normal life since they take place in the most functional part of your house. Given that, it’s understandable that some homeowners get antsy about wrapping their remodeling projects as soon as possible.

On the other hand, it’s never worth cutting corners to get back to normal life sooner if it just means you’ll be unhappy down the road. Of course, this can be hard to accept when you’re 12 days into a remodel and dying for a home-cooked meal. You might be tempted to green-light your second choice of backsplash just because your dream pick is on back-order; or maybe you scrap the island idea that would have completed your entire layout just because you miss being able to use your oven.

Whatever the temptation, stay strong! Try not to lose sight of your kitchen dreams in the middle of the project. Long-term happiness takes careful planning and methodical work. But trust us: if you’ve got the right team with you, the wait is always worth it.

But is there a way to reconcile high-quality work with high-speed results?

There is – work with Kitchen Solvers!

Our kitchen remodeling franchise is designed to deliver faster results than the competition. First of all, our franchises are fully equipped for every job, which means you don’t have to waste time rounding up and coordinating different contractors. Second, we have been around since 1982, and in that time have refined our remodeling processes, refacing techniques, and business systems to cut the fat and deliver results as soon as possible. In fact, prompt-but-perfect results are one of the cornerstones of our Pleasant Remodeling Experience, which you can read more about at

High-Value vs. Low-Cost

When planning your kitchen remodel, don’t focus entirely on the bottom-line. Instead, think closely about long-term value. Sub-par materials and cheap, unskilled labor can really come back to bite you down the road.

We’ve all heard that old saying, “you get what you pay for!” But does that mean you’ll only ever be happy with a kitchen with a monstrous price tag? No!

It is possible to get high-value work and materials without breaking the bank: working with Kitchen Solvers is an easy way to reconcile the two. Not only does our cabinet refacing service give you high-value results for surprisingly low cost, but discounts from hard-earned vendor relationships allow our handyman franchises to offer competitive pricing on all materials.

Space vs. Storage

Breezy, open-concept kitchens are all the rage, but it can be hard to give up valuable storage space just to let the room breathe. This is where Kitchen Solvers storage solutions come in handy. Visit to browse our full selection of sneaky solutions that maximize your kitchen’s storage function without impacting its aesthetic form.

Book with Kitchen Solvers today

If you’re tired of working with handyman franchises who force you to make these kinds of unfortunate design trade-offs, maybe it’s time to give the Pleasant Remodeling Experience a try! Kitchen Solvers has franchise locations throughout North America and the US, and we have staff standing by to begin your kitchen consultation – call 1-800-845-6779 now!


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