Why You Make More and Spend Less as a Kitchen Solvers Franchisee

Why You Make More and Spend Less as a Kitchen Solvers Franchisee

It isn’t hard to see why our kitchen franchise business is able to provide more for less; after all, we helped pioneer the high-impact, low-cost cabinet refacing technique. There is more to the story, though; read on to learn a couple more reasons why you can make more and spend less if you take advantage of one of our franchise opportunities!

Get more business with less of the advertising investment.

Our kitchen franchise business equips franchisees with some incredible marketing and advertising tools and support. We make sure your advertising targets relevant local audiences with compelling ads that speak to your high-quality services and professionalism. Our marketing and advertising services are top-notch, but you will quickly find that our most powerful brand-promotional tool is our 40-year old reputation as home improvement experts. Whether or not you invest considerable capital into marketing, you will always be recognized as a home improvement authority as a Kitchen Solvers franchisee. We have proven our marketing system by staying at the head of a competitive home improvement market for nearly four decades, which means you get the most out of your marketing fees because you’re investing in highly-refined system.

Make less mistakes with kitchen franchise business experts on your side.

When you join up with our kitchen franchise business, you get a number of incredible advantages that are not available for independent self-starters. One of the most daunting aspects of launching your own business is the fear of the unknown; the only people who have only people who have the knowledge and business insight to help you are your competitors.

If you got into your home improvement business after working as a construction laborer or carpenter, then you’re fortunate in one sense, as many people lack those fundamental construction skills. However, you aren’t home free yet; there are still many foreign areas for you to navigate, and learning how to design, consult, engage in the sales process, and market yourself all at once can be overwhelming. Trying to learn them during your first few years of debt and struggle can be even more daunting.

The bottom line is that every second you spend making mistakes costs you time and money, both of which can be crucial for the survivability of your business. You cannot afford to make beginner mistakes in your first few years as you sit in debt and struggle for profitability. Kitchen Solvers offers many valuable franchise opportunities, but maybe most important of all is the way our proven business model and well-rounded support systems eliminate costly mistakes from your business experience.

When you take advantage of one of the many Kitchen Solvers franchise opportunities out there, you side-step all of these problems. Our industry-leading training program equips you with the construction skills you need to hold your own in the workplace, and fills any other holes in your tool-belt too; whether you need help with the business side of things, with interior design advice, or with promotional campaigns, our training will help you. Additionally, you will always have live support just a phone-call away. Our kitchen franchise business is more like a kitchen franchise family, and we will always have a franchisee who is ready and able to help you out, whether you need an exotic material, or just some help with a better marketing strategy.

If you are used to swinging a hammer, but less comfortable with the sales process, then we can help you there too. Our Platinum Sales process takes more of a collaborative than commission-based approach to customer relations. We try to listen, consult, guide, and coach our clients towards the best materials and techniques, so that they can realize their home improvement dreams without breaking the bank. This process is low-pressure and highly-enjoyable, and will be taught to you as part of your training with the Kitchen Solvers team.

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