Why Starting a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Business Makes Sense in 2019


 Why Starting a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Business Makes Sense in 2019New research by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies brings good tidings for entrepreneurs eyeing the cabinet refacing market. According to this study, homeowners will increase spending on improvement across 50 of America’s largest metropolitan areas this year–and much of that money will go towards cabinet refacing.

But big demand isn’t the only reason to start your refacing business this year.

Today’s post spotlights a few of the unique benefits of running a kitchen cabinet refacing business. Read on to learn why starting your refacing company makes sense in 2019–and how Kitchen Solvers can give you a leg up over the competition.

Unique benefits of the kitchen cabinet refacing business model

The real secret to cabinet refacing is that we focus on changing only what is seen.

In other words, instead of completely tearing out and replacing the old cabinet structure, the existing framework gets refitted with new doors, drawer-fronts, hinges, hardware, and molding.

This creates a number of unique possibilities for kitchen cabinet refacing business owners:

You can start a kitchen cabinet refacing business from home.

Since there’s less materials and equipment involved in cabinet refacing, it’s possible to launch your business from home. This allows you to cut out a major business expense that would otherwise be spent renting, lighting, cooling, and maintaining a brick-and-mortar location.

The Kitchen Solvers kitchen cabinet refacing business requires no inventory, so starting from home is easy. Of course, our franchise opportunity offers more than refacing: we include all the services you’d expect from a complete home remodeling company, but as a home-based business. Showroom models are available for those interested in expanding, but you can cross that bridge when you get there. In the meantime, your kitchen cabinet refacing business can be started faster and for less than other models.

You can run a kitchen cabinet refacing business with a small number of employees.

One of the biggest challenges that new business owners also happens to be one of their company’s major assets: employees.

Indeed, running a business on your own is difficult enough without having to worry about managing different personality types, coordinating schedules, and constantly dealing with employee turnover and training. And the cost of employees quickly adds up.

Some businesses need big employee rosters to make a profit and stay afloat, but our kitchen cabinet refacing business does not. In fact, the Kitchen Solvers business model runs perfectly with as few as 2-3 employees.

Kitchen cabinet refacing businesses fit more work in each week.

Compared to complete cabinet replacements, cabinet refacing takes a fraction of the time. That’s great news for clients–nobody likes keeping a kitchen “out of order” for weeks on end–and great news for owners trying to turn a profit. That means more profit, satisfied customers, and client referrals for less work!

You make the world a little greener running a kitchen cabinet refacing business.

In 2019, the demand for eco-friendly business practices is greater than ever. Indeed, many Millennial buyers base their purchase decisions on the environmental practices of businesses.

By running a kitchen cabinet refacing business, you help eliminate waste by recycling cabinet frameworks. We also offer a number of high quality “green” products and materials, made possible largely in part by our extensive professional network and supplier relationships. These include products free of VOCs and harmful chemicals, as well as a wide array of 100% recycled materials. With Kitchen Solvers, you can feel good about your work, and you’ll love the business our eco-friendly practices generate.

Learn more about our kitchen cabinet refacing business opportunity

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